JHB winter! What on earth! 

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 My skin is DRY.  Winter is still here and its drying me out! … I started asking friends, moms, beauticians and, a month later, I have FINALLY found a solution to my ashy skin. It’s cracked, hurts and itches, and I needed to love my brown skin again.

After taking a long JHB shower this morning I realized that I have 7 moisturizers that I use on different parts of my body and I HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU.


I buy only two products from LUSH. I find it pricey and more for gifting people that I love.  I purchase their body spray and this moisturizer called Sleepy.  It has a touch of lavender and is really beautiful on skin. I even tried it on one of my babies once for a better night’s sleep. Really lush.

Moogoo Full cream moisturizer. They have a gorgeous range. I enjoy their body washes and this moisturizer on my face. They have natural solutions to skin care in their range. Started on a diary farm in Perth…they are in SA now! Really NICE.

Hannon Neck and Bust Firming cream. This smells delicious!!!!! And, it’s a great overall cream, but I use it for the intended area – Neck and bust :)  I got it as an accidental gift when we visited this Glam Guru and my babies “…wanted cream to play with from the Uncle”.  Nicest messy play gift ever!!!

Happy Event massage lotion. I’m a fan …and their face :)  Heaven knows, I use it for everything!! I once used it on my hair, my father-in-law’s dry hands, my hubby’s face, my children’s legs and cheeks and, wait for it, on my feet before running a 3K under thick socks.

Optiphi. They have a really awesome team of experts. I use their face wash.  I recently discovered Hydration Therapy when my forehead just wouldn’t moisturize.  Well-priced. I bought mine in a small salon in Centurion so, you can probably find it just about anywhere. Also their Evergreen Body Lotion. I squeeze out way too much product and you probably need just a little. A nice birthday gift from them!

Africology BodyBalm. I’ve met the brain behind this range many years ago and she is a kind, beautiful woman. Since then, I order online and include their candles and fragrance oils in my basket.  They have GREAT online and after-purchase service and I had my last online order delivered to our Cape Town home to keep the scents of our homes constant.  (I’m fussy like that)

Thankfully, for the past 2 weeks I couldn’t write the word DRY on my arms anymore.  Who knows, maybe by next week I need a new beautiful product, just because it’s fun and smells make memories.

Stay beautiful. It looks good on you.



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Smile :) You could WIN with Happy Event!

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Your mommy, aunt and perhaps even your brother, all used it. Happy Event has been around for years! A strong heritage that’s been around for over 50 years and been trusted by moms. They recently expanded the range and brought out another cream. This is where Happy Event Firming Cream was born.


Happy Event Firming Cream’s formula of natural ingredients help you to achieve your skin’s natural beauty. The skin is moisturised and softened with natural ingredients like Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Centella Extract, some of which have been used for generations to achieve skin’s softness and radiance.

Pink Pepperslim is a fat-burning agent that is found in oil from pink berries. Pink Pepperslim sets itself apart from other fat-burning agents through its pre-lipolytic quality which allows it to uniquely focus on the breakdown of large lipid (fat) droplets by making them more available to the skin. To further help in the slimming process, Pink Pepperslim also stimulates microcirculation and, when combined with Collaplus, firms the skin.

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Win 2 T-Shirts from T-ShirtsForChange!!

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Saw this in a magazine and thought ….I WANT to SUPPORT THIS! T-Shirts For Change was founded in South Africa in 2017. T-Shirts For Change is a profit for purpose t-shirt and apparel brand that supports the causes you care about. R100 from every t-shirt and other apparel sold is donated to the associated charity cause. Support women’s rights, education and animal welfare, and LGBT+ rights. They donate more than 50% of proceeds from sales to charity, which is what sets them apart from many other brands who donate a portion of proceeds to charity.


T-Shirts also available for purchase from http://www.tshirtsforchange.co.za/

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#WIN the SmartHeart ® Boardgame!!!

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Heya Parents!

I’ve recently tried this game with my older children, and enjoyed the conversations we could start!  I needed something that could get them talking.  I wanted to know simple things like, how their day was, or even who they are hanging out with at the moment.

SmartHeart ®, a revolutionary board game developed by psychologists to encourage emotional expression in children, is set to change the way many children express themselves and interact with others. The interactive game, which makes use of picture and word cards that assist children in identifying and communicating their feelings, aims to facilitate and foster mental and emotional health, while encouraging children to think for themselves and create solutions to their problems.

Its easy to play, and we even changed the game and used our own “short cut” by only using the question and answer cards. I enjoyed it and asked our Friends at SmartHeart if you could also have an opportunity to use it!


It is also available for purchase directly from Takealot.com, herewith the direct link: https://www.takealot.com/seller/smart-heart?sellers=10931

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