#Win with Green Cross!

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Here is a little Wednesday treat!

Our friends at Green Cross wants you to wear South Africa’s leading comfort footwear brand!


They manufacture and distribute shoes, shoe care products and foot care products.  Green Cross shoes are lightweight, padded for extra support and made of soft supple materials which conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot. Their shoes are ideal for people who spend much of their day on their feet.GReen Cross Summer Banner

We’re giving away a R2000 Green Cross voucher!

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Win with Chocolateface and Green Cross!

Giveaway ends Monday, 12 September 2016. Terms and conditions always apply! 

More infomation about Green Cross available online Green Cross.





WIN!! with DermaStore!

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My daughter will forgive me for speaking about her bum today.  But, cutting molars is no joke! and a tender bum, needs a responsible parent.

I had the privilege of recently interviewing dermatologist  Dr Webster. I had questions around skin and especially baby skin.  He referred me to his online platform and I must say, I am impressed and hooked!  Dermastore™ is an online skincare boutique founded by Dr Ian Webster, a specialist dermatologist with over twenty-four years of experience. He is the first skin specialist and medical practitioner to develop an online cosmeceutical store in South Africa.

Mustela & Dermastore 2

When you land on the page, make sure to click on “skincare” and then ” baby”.  This is where you will find my latest discovery!  Mustela by Dermastore™.   We have our favourites already! The Vitamin Barrier Cream 1*2*3 (R150) is a life saver.  After a nappy change, pat bum dry with a tissue and apply.  This stuff works miracles!  The Hydra Bebe Facial Cream (R120) is just beautiful and the wipes, although pricier than ordinary baby wipes, Dermo Soothing Wipes (R100) is hubby ‘s favourite. I use it for the final wipe and for baby’s hands.

Caring for your baby’s very sensitive skin in the best possible way is key to overall health of your little one and it is for this reason that Dr Webster added Mustela to the Dermastore™ offering. Mustela has always chosen ingredients of safe, natural origin, sourcing most of the key active ingredients from plants.

We’re giving away a Mustela hamper worth R1420! The prize consists of the following:
  1. Baby Shampoo (R90)
  2. Dermo Soothing Wipes (R100)
  3. Vitamin Barrier Cream 1*2*3 (R150)
  4. Very High Protection Sunscreen (R280)
  5. Hydra Bebe Facial Cream (R120)
  6. 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash (R100)
  7. Stretch Marks Prevention (R290)
  8. Stretch Marks Recovery (R290)
Total value of the mom and baby set: R1420.00 
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Dermastore™ + Mustela Giveaway | chocolateface.co.za

Giveaway ends Monday 22 August 2016. Terms and conditions always apply! 

Available to purchase on Dermastore™ and delivered straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa.





Win with #LittleLumps!

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little lumps logo 400 x 300

I want to make your week if you are a Mamma! I was totally impressed by Little Lumps’ clothes for babies, so I hope you can be too. Only thing is…don’t dry any of the little tops in the tumble dryer for too long…but I should have known that right? Right.

Little Lumps is an online store specializing in baby clothing that is of a high quality at mid-range prices. All of their products are designed and manufactured in South Africa and are available through their online store at http://www.littlelumps.co.za

We’re giving away a hamper from LittleLumps valued at R500!

The hamper consists off: a Hello World Onesie set (2 x long-sleeved onesies),
Aqua Hooded Jacket, Trackpants – star pattern and grey


Subscribe to Chocolateface and email elana@chocolateface.co.za with the subject heading “LittleLumps”, and also let us know the age of your little one, to be entered into the giveaway. Competition closes on Friday 29 July 2016…So hurry!

Terms and conditions always apply.



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I Quit!

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I quit!

Never give up. A Cliché right? But so true.

I had a resignation this week from one of my team members. It didn’t surprise me, because when you work with people, you know behaviour, you understand patterns, you notice poor performance, and then finally their urge to give up. To quit. I don’t mind it when people give up. I always just wonder why?

What about you? Do you want to give up or quit?

It made me think of the times in life that I wanted to just, Give up! Quit!

I remember when I just started out in entertainment; one of my team members on the channel that I presented on, gave me a tough time. O boy, gossip, stories and fiery words. She did a lot in her power to hurt my feelings. I phoned home to Cape Town, to tell Daddy, that I am going to give up. I should have saved the money of the phone call i made, cause dad encouraged me to stay in JHB. He said this;

Why give up? Why quit? It’s called show business, not show-friends.

Well, I stayed, and 20 years later, I am still in the business that produces results, change, satisfaction, and produces very little friends. Because I understood this; I have a purpose in life, and I am going to need to be vigilant if I want too achieve my goals. I don’t want to be famous, I want to make real change, I want to make people feel good, I want to make people feel valued, I want us to understand that we can do anything!

My mentor claims that there are 3 realities in life,

  1. Life is difficult
  2. Life is difficult for Everyone
  3. Life is more difficult for some than for others

Somehow we believe everything should be easy. A smooth easy way to success. A prize when you get something right! Right?

Well, here is the truth. Nobody escapes life’s problems, failures and losses.

Work hard, run your projects with dedication. Today, You better need a really blerrie good reason to quit, cause I’m on your case.

Go to work.






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