One Direction Heroes?

|By Elana| Music

Last week the most successful band in the world celebrated their fourth anniversary as a performing act. If that seems like a short trip to success then you’re right, it is. One Direction is on top of the music game whether you like it or not. They’ve sold more songs, albums, concert tickets and tshirts that anyone else. In four years they’ve garnered 33 million Facebook fans and 20 million fans on twitter.

By comparison:

· It took the Beatles four years from the time they formed to play their 1st shows in America – the start of Beatlemania

· The Rolling Stones released 25 hit singles in their first four years together

· Founding member of Pink Floyd Syd Barrett didn’t even see the 4th year of his band – he left in year three due his poor mental health

· The greatest and most influential punk band of all time, the Sex Pistols, were around from 1975 to 1979 – they almost made 5 years, but not quite.

What are the lessons here? Whether you love or hate em, One Direction is:

· Making a lot of money

· Influencing around 100 million teenagers

· Having more fun at work today than you are

· Not going anywhere soon

My advice? Put on a Guns N Roses album and pretend it’s the 1990s.


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