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One would need to be greedy or ignorant to truly want to live forever. I Immediately want to start talking about leaving a legacy, living life to the fullest and purpose, when I think of life and death.

All of my thoughts around this were sparked when travel buddy Jan and I were out in Cape Town and stumbled upon Kramats or Cape Mazaars. Could one say, where the deceased lives is beautiful and mean it respectfully? Because what I saw blew my mind!

I’ve lived in CT all my live and have never visited a Kramat, until last week. With scarf in hand and modest attire, I was privileged enough to visit these holy shrines of Islam. Graves of Holy Men of the Muslim faith. Think of them as special houses that keeps the remains, stories and spirit of some of the greatest leaders that ever lived. tells of their existence in detail.

It all started with the Dutch invasion of places such as India and Java. Local communities resisted the tyranny but their leaders were banished to the Cape.

Citizens of Malay, Indian, Javanese, Bengalese and Arabian origins were also sold into slavery during this time, and these slaves and sultans started the first Muslim communities in the Cape. It was only during the British occupation that the first Mosque was permitted.

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There are guides to Kramats available, and information on the Cape Mazaar society’s website:

This is what we discovered on our travels.  Watch this week’s #TravelWithElana


Guide to the Kramats of the Western Cape

Cape Mazaar Society – P O Box 443, Gatesville, Cape 7766, South Africa.

Ph:SA + (0)21) 699-0500. Fax: SA + (0)21) 699-0508.

Photographer and videographer Jan du Toit is behind the lens. Follow Jan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking here, here and here.

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2 Comments on Travel with Elana: Kramats – Cape Mazaars

    February 23, 2017 at 8:13 pm (2 years ago)

    WOW Elana! U always seem to amaze me wit the things that interest you. You are such a down to earth, uncomplicated soul and you are so wise… You are the inspiration not only to females but to everyone…So I have a dream and u Indore me more n more to reach it each day even if it takes me baby steps getting there….


    February 18, 2017 at 11:11 am (2 years ago)

    HI! I love that you did this post. Thank you! This is my heritage. My bloodline traces back to one of these Karamats. So many people don’t even know about these places. I do appreciate your scarf too :).

    PS. Congrats on #2

    Love the blog!

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