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Ian and I reveal the truth about The Parlotones!

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What happens when the lead singer of one of SA’s top selling bands decides to go solo? A lot happens. Fans sit up and listen. The media becomes curious, looking for “the real” story. The music stores and sites rub their hands together with glee, an optimistic grin ahead of Christmas sales.

This weekend fans of platinum selling The Parlotones will hear frontman Kahn Morbee’s first official solo song on the radio. “Days Like This” is a beautifully crafted song. It’s more intimate and stripped down than what you would have heard from the Parlotones. Kahn is clear that his solo project does not signal the end of his band. Rather, it’s an opportunity to do something else, something fresh, something from the heart.

He’s been working on plenty of material and there is a lot to look forward to. He’s discreetly dropped another online a few weeks back called The Candle .

Listen out for the cool new tracks on a radio station near you!

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Just Jinjer is back..and they have a message for you!

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Just Jinjer is one of SA’s most iconic bands with sales in excess of 250 000 units. This month they released their 1st new song in nearly five years. “Bright Light” has subsequently been added to the playlists of the leading radio stations. Ard Matthews, Denholm Harding and Brent Harris spent the week in Cape Town promoting the single.

Take a listen to the message they have for ChocolateFace

Here’s there latest lyric video for “Bright Light”

Rock n Roll till next week !
Thanks Elana. x


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Say what? Last weeks No 1 …is a surprise. Ian Bredenkamp has the story!

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This week Weird Al Yankovic became the first artist in 50 years to top the Billboard charts with a comedy album. That’s no easy feat. He entered the charts at number 1, bumping Rihanna, Beyonce and all the rest of them out the way. Entitled “Mandatory Fun”, Yankovic went against convention by releasing 8 music videos for 8 songs, 8 days in a row. Utter madness if you were running a record company on the 1980s. But in the new world with new rules, it did the trick and made Yankovic the talk of the town.

Yankovic has been recording parody songs since the 1980s and had lampooned everyone from Nirvana to Madonna. My first weird Al experience was with his classic song “Fat”, a take on the Michael Jackson hit Bad. I was 10 years old, impressionable, and became a fan for life.

The songs off the new album include “First World Problems”, “World Crimes” and “Foil” – an ode to aluminum foil/tin foil based on the music of “Royals” by Lorde”. There aren’t many people who write compelling lyrics on foil, I assure you.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh go and check out Weird Al’s YouTube channel. Or even better, buy the music :)



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One Direction Heroes?

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Last week the most successful band in the world celebrated their fourth anniversary as a performing act. If that seems like a short trip to success then you’re right, it is. One Direction is on top of the music game whether you like it or not. They’ve sold more songs, albums, concert tickets and tshirts that anyone else. In four years they’ve garnered 33 million Facebook fans and 20 million fans on twitter.

By comparison:

· It took the Beatles four years from the time they formed to play their 1st shows in America – the start of Beatlemania

· The Rolling Stones released 25 hit singles in their first four years together

· Founding member of Pink Floyd Syd Barrett didn’t even see the 4th year of his band – he left in year three due his poor mental health

· The greatest and most influential punk band of all time, the Sex Pistols, were around from 1975 to 1979 – they almost made 5 years, but not quite.

What are the lessons here? Whether you love or hate em, One Direction is:

· Making a lot of money

· Influencing around 100 million teenagers

· Having more fun at work today than you are

· Not going anywhere soon

My advice? Put on a Guns N Roses album and pretend it’s the 1990s.


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