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Average or Beautiful? #ChooseBeautiful

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I just watched this vid,

…and actually had to pause.  Average or Beautiful? What do you think YOU are? No really. We all have something that makes us beautiful right?  Dove #ChooseBeautiful urges us to stay confident.

See Dove’s latest vid about women all around the world, battling with the decision of choosing average or beautiful.

@Dove_ZA  #ChooseBeautiful



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And the winner is…

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Hi everyone.

What a fun yummy journey so far, sharing my #ElanaShoes, style, free stuff, music and food with you.

Until recently we started publicly announcing our winners again. Well done to

Sharon Hess who won our Grand Provence giveaway and to Mareca Dietman who is going to dine in style at De Grendel. 

Keep watching this space. I am sharing my baby-moon journey with you this week, ( yes I am pregnant:) and doing a few rad interviews with some of the coolest media people ever!

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Would love to stay in touch EVERYWHERE

Happy week.




Last chance: we want to donate stationery to your school!

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It was crazy to see the malls fill with learners piling shopping trollies full of stationery before the new school year, and realizing that not everyone can afford being in school for the new year.  If I could, I would make sure that every child in South Africa stays in school, so I am doing what I can.   I have gotten the help of our friends at Shoprite to support the importance of educating the children of SA and assisting them with basic resources.

Shoprite has offered to donate over R40 000.00 worth of stationery to two schools in South Africa.  I don’t want to give it to my own schools I attended.  I want you to nominate your own school and #ShareForGood.

This includes :

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Stationery sets
  • Colouring & wax crayons
  • Erasers
  • Copy Paper
  • Flip files
  • Glue sticks
  • Highlighters
  • Permanent markers
  • Pencil boxes
  • Prestik

Send me an email to with the subject heading #ShareForGood  and a short letter of why your school should receive the stationery. Closing date for your entry is  Tuesday 17 th 2015.

Also, Join the conversation online, and share your entry on Twitter by tagging @Shoprite_SA and @elanaafrika to say which school you have nominated and use the hashtag #ShareForGood 

Hope you are gonna love school this year as much as I did.

My school

My school










I’m lighting a candle and you WIN! #ValentinesDay!

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I’m lighting a candle for Valentines Day!

When my hubby and I started dating, I would light Africology Neroli candles in my home.  Today, It still makes us think of love, and nights filled with wine and chats.

I’m lighting more candles this Valentines Day, and want to make sure you get to do the same.

Frankincense and Myrrh Candle

Frankincense and Myrrh Candle

Made with pure, natural essential oils and organic, sustainable beeswax and soy flakes. Make it a daily ritual. This Frankincense and Myrrh Candle does not only fragrance your space, but it creates a sacred space filled with good intentions.






The Africology Chakra Massage candles are made up of 7 different candles representing each Chakra.

Skillfully blended essential oils are created for each candle, which relates to that Chakra.

Chakra Candle Base

Chakra Candle Base

Safe for massage, each candle shares a luxurious base of Shea butter, to deeply hydrate the skin.

Available fragrances: Crown Candle, Brow Candle, Throat Candle, Heart Candle, Base Candle, Sacral Candle and Solar Plexus Candle


Stand a chance of getting both these amazing gifts by subscribing to ChocolateFace , and commenting below with your email address. This giveaway ends 10 February 2015.

Terms and conditions always apply.  Happy Valentines Day




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