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New Cars, sales and then there’s Lipstick for you!

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In summer, I wear great colours!.…and some are going on SALE right now!

0024_Homepage-Banner_SALE_EAYou’d better hurry.  EarthAddict and Earthchild are on sale. I’m also pleased to announce that their winter range launch will be ready beginning of March, Just in time for me to wrap my new arrival in some jerseys!   See all the magic on


The Sedona

The Sedona

Come ride with KIA!  We are looking forward to some new cars from KIA Motors SA this year.  I drive a seriously pimped Kia Sportage, but for 2015, If you want to roll with the “in” crowd, you need the new Sedona. Start drooling over the ultimate family vehicle. It’s gorgeous to look at and very luxurious. And if it were a handbag, it would probably be the new Lockme from Louis Vuitton, seductive and inviting to touch! This car is really unlike any KIA I’ve driven before.

8446_2015_Sedona_SXLAnd seeing that we have an addition to our family in less than 3 months, It’s a no-brainer to upgrade my ride to this one by middle of the year when it’s available. Price on request from your nearest KIA dealership.



Makeovers start at home!  Thanks to Elizabeth Arden!  So why not reward yourself with good skin all year round.  In 2015 Look out for;

Matte Lipstick and PREVAGE® Anti-aging Neck and Décolleté Firm & Repair Cream

Matte Lipstick and PREVAGE® Anti-aging Neck and Décolleté Firm & Repair Cream

Prevage Neck and Decollete Cream. YUM! Is your neck giving away your age? If your skincare routine is limited to your face, then the answer is yes. With new, luxuriously nourishing Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-aging Neck and Décolleté Firm & Repair Cream skin’s best defense against aging continues beyond the jawline!

Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin Makeup

Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin Makeup





And they are bringing us Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin Makeup. This is launching in April and is their first liquid MATTE foundation :)

Elizabeth Arden, is also launching MATTE lipsticks for Your and my lips. Beautiful Colour Moisturizing Lipsticks in Matte Shades!!  I have tried EVERY colour. My favorite is Pink Pucker.  You could wear any one of the shades if you subscribe to and send me an email to  with the subject heading @EArden . Terms and conditions apply.

Happy New Year!







What is your style story?

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elanalores-1711We all have a style story. My first memory with clothes was when I asked my Mom what the correct pronunciation for “sandals” were, as I only knew the word in Afrikaans.  She practically dressed me. Until the day I got married.






I wore Moms gown, that we kept for nearly 43 years in a box in the top cupboard of our Bellville home.  There was a time that I shopped till I dropped, and now, being a little more wiser with shopping and even money, I choose what I buy and what I give away with #ElanaShoes.  I did this shoot for Woolworth’s ‘s Taste Magazine with my favourite designer KLUK CGDT.  Ifinal am showingthis off cause it’s pretty, and because I am curious…

What is your style story?  It doesn’t have to be about clothes. Perhaps it’s when you borrowed your big sisters clothes because you just didn’t have your own back then.  Some of us have been there.  x



FashionWeek Cape Town! We go backstage!

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KluckCGDT does it again!


Every time I get compliment, is when I am wearing KluckCGDT.  I have been a Jewish Bridesmaid in KluckCGDT, gotten married with their alterations on my dress, been to a wedding, MC stage and presented Miss South Africa in their dresses and now that they have launched their new Townhouse and atiljee in Bree Street…I am wearing KluckCGDT again.  I could be a show off and present you  with 20 dresses that I love!, but see only this one…What I wore for Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.  Delighted. Thank you Malcom and Christaan





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