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Win with #LittleLumps!

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little lumps logo 400 x 300

I want to make your week if you are a Mamma! I was totally impressed by Little Lumps’ clothes for babies, so I hope you can be too. Only thing is…don’t dry any of the little tops in the tumble dryer for too long…but I should have known that right? Right.

Little Lumps is an online store specializing in baby clothing that is of a high quality at mid-range prices. All of their products are designed and manufactured in South Africa and are available through their online store at

We’re giving away a hamper from LittleLumps valued at R500!

The hamper consists off: a Hello World Onesie set (2 x long-sleeved onesies),
Aqua Hooded Jacket, Trackpants – star pattern and grey


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Simply Delicious…The only way to cook and WIN!

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I call my on-screen chef, Zola-a, ZoZo or just Zola! Not only is she the most amazing chef everrrrr, but believe it or not;

Before I joined Expresso and cooked in the kitchen with Zola, I couldn’t show off ANY culinary skills. Really. Now that my food hero has launched her own cookbook..I had to be a show off and Interview her about her latest project! There’s also a chance for you to WIN!

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In Zola Nene’s own words, she says, ‘Food has always been a huge part of my life; important occasions were always marked with a feast of some sort…’ this book chronicles my food journey thus far – how it started and what has shaped me into the chef I am today.’ And that’s exactly what Simply Delicious is all about; it’s Zola’s culinary career told through her recipes, interspersed with snippets and perspectives of her life journey, including tributes to the people who have inspired and influenced her cooking style and explaining the reason for certain culinary choices that she has made.

If one had to describe Zola’s personality in a single idea, it would be ‘irrepressible joy’, which is the thread running through this journey as well as the state evoked by her delicious dishes. Her food philosophy is very simple – cooking is for everyone. With easy-to-follow instructions, the recipes will ensure that anyone can produce mouth-watering results.

Zola Nene Simply Delicious Chocolate Face Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp

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I don’t cook on Mondays! WIN with

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#NoMeatMondays #MeatFreeMonday…and all the other hashtags that exists around a no meat Monday, doesn’t apply in this house…cause I don’t cook on Mondays.

Growing up we ate leftovers on Mondays. Braai from the previous day. Chicken wings from Sunday lunch. Wrinkly potatoes and sweet carrots that might have crystallized to desert instead of a healthy falcarinol cancer fighting veggie.  See, Not even Mom cooked on Mondays.

The weekend was special. We had a beautiful ceremony for our baby in the church I was Christened in. So Mom and I cooked. Cause when we are happy we eat. And when we are sad we eat.  So we made Chicken, roast lamb, chicken curry, potatoes, tongue and carrots.  I’m not cooking on Monday :)

Recently, I started heating leftovers and making veggie smoothies on Mondays.  That’s not cooking. A healthy snack for dinner. Most of the recipes I found had “kale” in it and I only recently discovered what that is…so this one doesn’t have kale in it.

Try this if you want:

2 handfuls spinach

1 banana

¼ cup raspberry

¼ cup blueberry

1 tbs pumpkin seeds

1 tbs sunflower seeds

Then blast. If you don’t have a Nutribullet, You could win one…you lucky fish.

We’re giving away a NUTRIBULLET High Speed Blender!Yuppiechef - Logo - RGBNutribullet is the perfect counter top companion for avid smoothie drinkers. The clever design means that it’s as easy as putting your ingredients into the cup attachment, flipping it upside down, pressing it into the power base and voilà, speedy smoothies and milled grains in seconds.

YuppieChef Nutribullet

Our friends at are giving us a Nutribullet valued at R1999 to give to you ! And ever better, everyone who enters will receive a 10% discount from should you want to buy a Nutribullet!

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Enjoy the week, and let me know what leftovers you had on Monday 😉





#DateNight Galileo Open Air Cinema

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More stars, more venues, more magic!

I was HEAVILY preggers when I paid my visit to the Galileo last year. It was really magical…. I really want you to try it out.


The Galileo Open Air Cinema is back, with a whole lot of movies! …In fact,  a  line-up of over 100 movies, more venues and even more magical experiences. Proudly presented by Savanna, The Galileo will be pulling out all the stops this summer to ensure an all round memorable experience.


Every venue offers a unique experience, from when the doors open at 6pm onto a festive market with delicious mouth-watering artisanal food and drinks, interactive games on hand and lively music in the air, to when the sun sets and the stars come out, both in the sky and on the screen. Bringing families, friends and strangers together.


The Galileo will run from 31 October 2015 to the end of April 2016. Book your ticket to The Galileo at

We’re giving away 2 sets of double tickets to the Galileo Open Air Cinema!

Subscribe to Chocolateface and email with the subject heading “TheGalileo“ to be entered into the giveaway.  Also include your cellphone number in your email. Competition closes on the Friday 6 November 2015… So hurry!

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