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I want you to feel inspired and loved, It’s Women’s day !!!

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To all the women that inspire me, Thank you.  I have a message for this day, a poem that I love.

And to you who make me laugh, I have a special message from our pet dog Bella, who lives with all of us at Expresso on SABC3.


A woman of valour, who can find? Her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and nothing shall he lack. She renders him good and not evil all the days of her life. She opens her hand to the needy, and extends her hand to the poor. She is robed in strength and dignity, and cheerfully faces whatever may come. She opens her mouth with wisdom. Her tongue is guided by kindness. She tends to the affairs of her household, and eats not the bread of idleness. Her children come forward and bless her. Her husband too, and he praises her. Many women have done superbly, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a God-fearing woman is much to be praised. Place before her the fruit of her hands. Wherever people gather, her deeds speak her praise.


Happy Women’s Day.



Want skin like me? It’s a Visible Difference, and you can have it too.

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I think the biggest misconception that most people have when it comes to skincare is that a product will have the same benefits for everyone. The reality is that the first step towards properly looking after your skin is to actually know what skin type you are. The kind of products that I use, might not work for you. Similarly, two people with oily skin might react differently to the same product. So the first and essential thing to do is to visit a professional and get your skin analyzed Elizabeth Arden Beauty Consultants are all qualified to do this.  Skin types are usually categorized into three groups: Dry, Combination and Oily.


Dry Skin is often characterized by feelings of tightness due to lack of emollients or oil. It may be rough and scaly in places. It is usually the result of low sebum production, or it may be that the skin has temporarily dried out as a result of sunburn, extremes of climate, detergents or air conditioning. Deeply nourishing or hydrating masks and moisturizers can be used to rebalance the skin and help to prevent against further moisture loss.


Oily Skin is a result of excess sebum production. It’s characterized by a shiny appearance, especially on the ‘T-zone’ – the forehead, nose and chin. The epidermis tends to thicken and the pores dilate, giving the skin a slightly rough and irregular texture. Purifying your face in the morning and at night with products designed for oily skin is the single most effective way to manage oily skin. Even oily skin needs to be moisturized to look its best. Think of it this way: moisture is about water, not oil. When you wash your face, regardless of what skin type you have, you’re removing the oil that holds moisture in your skin.


Combination Skin has two forms: oily/normal and dry/normal. In oily/normal combination skin, the center panel (T-zone) is oily while the rest of the face is comfortable. In the dry/normal combination skin, the center panel may be normal with dry patches on the cheeks. You need to treat both zones in combination skin – moisturizing the dry patches and controlling the sebum in the oily parts.

One of you will stand a chance to win a Visible Difference hamper from Elizabeth Arden customized to your skin type. You can begin your journey to naturally radiant and healthy skin! Send us a mail to with the subject heading Visible Difference before the 15th of August. Terms and conditions apply.   


Say what? Last weeks No 1 …is a surprise. Ian Bredenkamp has the story!

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This week Weird Al Yankovic became the first artist in 50 years to top the Billboard charts with a comedy album. That’s no easy feat. He entered the charts at number 1, bumping Rihanna, Beyonce and all the rest of them out the way. Entitled “Mandatory Fun”, Yankovic went against convention by releasing 8 music videos for 8 songs, 8 days in a row. Utter madness if you were running a record company on the 1980s. But in the new world with new rules, it did the trick and made Yankovic the talk of the town.

Yankovic has been recording parody songs since the 1980s and had lampooned everyone from Nirvana to Madonna. My first weird Al experience was with his classic song “Fat”, a take on the Michael Jackson hit Bad. I was 10 years old, impressionable, and became a fan for life.

The songs off the new album include “First World Problems”, “World Crimes” and “Foil” – an ode to aluminum foil/tin foil based on the music of “Royals” by Lorde”. There aren’t many people who write compelling lyrics on foil, I assure you.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh go and check out Weird Al’s YouTube channel. Or even better, buy the music :)



Director : IBMEDIA

Director : IBMEDIA


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Ek het geheime van Noot vir Noot…Ek like jou stukkend!

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“Kyk hoe kyk sy vir my!”
Die kenmerkende woorde wat almal gebruik wanneer hulle n grappie wil maak oor een van Suid-Afrika se gunstelling programme.

Noot Vir Noot is al op TV vandat ek kan onthou. Ek was al voorheen n deelnemer, en die naweek, vanaand om presies te wees, sing ek lekker saam met ander radio persoonlikhede op die show om 19h30 @SABC 2 met myself, Rian van Heerden, Johrne van Huyssteen and Lynette Francis, asook die Springbokke Jan Serfontein, Flip vd Merwe, Pierre Spies, Jannie du Plessis en Willem Alberts!

Ek en Johan Stemmet

Raak ek nog steeds nervous voordat ek optree? Beslis, Niks help daarvoor nie. Maar kom ek lig jou in oor n paar besonderse feite wat jy dalk nooit van die show geweet het nie.

1. Het jy geweet, Johan Stemmet hou sy lyf vervaardiger ook, en praat self met die deelnemers en die gehoor om hulle gemaklik te laat voel? Dis baie special.

2. Johan het n boek uit,…en my man Ian, het dit vir my gekoop as geskenk. he he. Dis n moerse treat.



3. Die show word opgeneem in Johannesburg. So ek het opgevlieg en sommer weer terug op dieselfde dag.

4. Johan se rekenaar met al sy vrae en antwoorde was al gesteel al. Dis net n dom persoon wat antwoorde wil steel. ai.

5. En laastens…Hier is n voorsmakie oor wat jy vanaand kan sien!…Hou duime vas. Ek MOET wen!


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