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Wanna join Ian and I tonight? #Ian&Elana

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Edited American Swiss

Hey Hey! We have one more invite for you and a partner to join Ian and I tonight at the American Swiss Diamonds, The V.I.P Event.  A night filled with glamour and fun.  You have to 21 years or older, live in Cape Town and be able to attend with your partner from 6PM tonight.  Send and email to with the subject heading #Ian&Elana before 11am today!

Terms and conditions always apply 😉




It’s me… ChocolateFace

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I am pleased. I choose amazing friends and I have a great job. But I really need this. A blog. And now it’s here.

A day before I launch ….my husband has a birthday. A fast passed – bright cake – music lovin – fashion filled Birthday. I married the coolest guy ever. When we were at varsity together, He looked like Ozzy Osbourne. I will show you one day. In my quest to keep his birthday simple yet amazing ( I did too much again…) I created a short film of all our friends and family wishing him a happy birthday. Why am I making you watch a personal home movie about our friends? I want to remind you that of all the people that surround you every day there are some really amazing ones that just want to love you.

As for the rest of ChocolateFace this week….
Posts without pretence I tell you. Music by IBMedia’s Ian Bredenkamp. He turns One Direction into heroes. Jules Mercer, my dear friend and kitchen goddess touches some raw steak and we are giving you a chance to win some Good and Wine tickets for all of us in Gauteng.

Have a sweet week. Enjoy reading.


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