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#WIN with Baby Bullet presents Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch

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Ellen DeGeneres says in her book that you should find out what your birth story is, and every year on your birthday, you should tell it to people. It’s not my birthday, but I called Mom to find out about my birth story. Talking to mom about my birth that happened as much as 37 years ago, is like asking me when last as a MOM I had time on my hands. I can’t remember, and neither could she. Our conversation went like this:

Me:  Mammie, I called to hear about my birth.
Mom:  What on earth for? I can’t remember.
Me: Can you remember nothing? Was it raining?
Mom: I don’t know, probably, it was August, and cold.
Me:  What time was it?
Mom:  It was a caesar, so in the morning. No, it was 2 PM.
Me: What was the doctor’s name?
Mom: He was Jewish.
Me: Spell his name!
Mom: Cohen. Dr Cohen.
Me: That was our GP.
Mom: Oh, yes, wait….That was your GP…it was Dr Barron.
Me: What else?
Mom: Are you pregnant?
Me: NO! I’m witting a story.
Mom: How are you feeling?

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So…it was probably rainy and at 2 PM. Thing is, what Mom DOES remember is, when she got home with a newborn to a husband and 2 small kids, she did it all by herself. So did I, when my girls were born and so did a lot of parents when they had their babies. We did it by ourselves, with very little help, or A LOT of advice we couldn’t use. I thank the Almighty every day that I have a hands-on hubby. He does a lot for us. I am so grateful. The baby books can only teach us so much…and then you follow your instinct…or CRY. Well, I did.

Having 2 small kids is such a Blessing but it’s also really hard sometimes. I parent, travel, work, and I have 2 step children too. I’ve said it before, Motherhood is tough, even though it is the one thing that I had wanted all my life. We’re not just “having a baby”, we are raising a person. I often have mommies reaching out to me asking “how I do it”.  Well, we all have advice and a story to tell, and because of my passion for people and giving, I have decided to use my talent for good, and to launch an event where we can all feel supported, informed and have fun. #BabyBrunch. Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch.

When I spoke about the idea, the team from NutriBullet who created Baby Bullet reached out and came on board as our presenting partner. Baby Bullet brings you Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch. Lauren from KidsEmporium who have supported me through both my pregnancies together with The Gro Company, MIGLIO and Kabrita were excited to support my journey as sponsors and now ITS HAPPENING.  21 October is the inaugural Baby Bullet brings you Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch and I have called up all my friends in the industry to create a fun morning of talks, interaction, conversations, food, candy-floss & balloons and of course prizes and goody bags. So now…all it needs is YOU. Yes, you as parent or aunty or daddy or Mom or Ouma. YOU!

A MASSIVE thanks to our presenting partner Baby Bullet and to everyone that has supported my journey and this event. To every goodie bag contributor, thank you! See the list below.

For more information about the event go to and get your tickets here:


You can also WIN 1 of 5 tickets to Baby Bullet brings you Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch! Enter using the widget below:

Win 1 of 5 Tickets to Baby Bullet brings you Elana Afrika’s Baby Brunch

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Win with the Hey Jude App!

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I finally found my “person”. I don’t have to go into the office, or worry about what time it is when I want to contact her/him because my personal assistant … is on my phone! Have you heard of this app called Hey Jude? Because it sounded too good to be true, I downloaded it and tested it for 2 months and was surprised at how easy it was to complete my daily tasks by literally depending on Jude!


So this is how it works:

You send your request to the trained operators, known as “Judes”, you can either send a text or voice message. You can send a request for anything from food delivery, travel bookings to restaurant reservations and gift searching – once you’ve sent your request the Judes will sort it out. In a nutshell you’ll be outsourcing your to-do list to these awesome Judes – and the Judes are there to help you 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Here’s the kicker – Hey Jude can handle you payments as well! Simply load your card on the app and Bob’s your uncle! Need to pay your chemist account? Hey Jude can do that. Pay for the hotel you’re staying at this weekend? Hey Jude can do that.

Here’s some of my requests that the Judes sorted out for me:


I made a restaurant booking through the app for hubby’s birthday, hired a car as well as found gym gloves that I was looking for! I found that response was quick and the options for my questions got to me a lot quicker than what it would have taken me to do!

Download the app at, and get the Judes working for you with three
free tasks. Then, once you have fallen in love with the app, a subscription of
R199/month will get the Judes working for you with unlimited tasks.

Hey Jude was born in South Africa and is currently growing up in the UK. New Zealand, Australia and the UAE.

We’re giving a 1 year subscription for the Hey Jude App!

To enter, use the widget below, and remember to subscribe to Chocolateface‘s newsletter here.

Win a 1 year subscription for the HeyJude App!

Follow the Hey Jude App on social media herehere and here. Visit their website to find more information:

T&Cs apply.



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Win! It’s Chocolate month at The Townhouse Hotel!

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I LOVE CHOCOLATE. So celebrate Chocolate month with us! Due to popular demand July has once again been declared Chocolate Month at the Townhouse Hotel! Winter is getting a little warmer!


Chef Stefan and his team at Trees Restaurant in the Townhouse Hotel have created a three-course dinner chock-full of delicious creativity, infused throughout with Von Geusau Chocolate, and optionally paired with exquisite Waterford wines. Just take a look at this enticing menu here.

(Everyone ordering two or more courses from this menu will receive a R75 voucher for the Wine & Chocolate Experience at Waterford Estate.)

We’re giving away 3 x 3 course chocolate-infused, wine-paired dinners for 2! This opportunity is valued at over R900!

To enter, use the widget below, and remember to subscribe to Chocolateface‘s newsletter here.

Win one of three 3 course chocolate-infused, wine paired dinners for 2!

Follow The Townhouse Hotel on social media here, here and here. To book a table phone (021) 465 7050

Entrants must reside in Cape Townprize redeemable during the month of July.




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Super Mom, Super busy Mom , Super guilty Mom.

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IMG_33My daughters favorite nursery rhyme is stuck in my head.  I’m softly humming the tune. I forgot one of the lines, but I remember the tune. I’m packing my evening dresses in my suitcase.  When traveling to gigs I always carry my new dresses in a suit bag, but when I go home, I roll them up and pack them next to my shoes and underwear in my suitcase.  The gig is done.  Finished.  Successful. hours until I board my flight to CT. HOME. I am filled with emotion. I can not wait to be with my family.  I hate saying it; but I am a working mom.  I love working. I love my children. I am a working mom.  2 flights took me away from home this week for work.  Thats a lot.  a Lot of flying and a lot of time away from my babies.  I have 2.

I’m home. It’s morning.  Everything is ready.  Lunch-boxes, clean linen, clean nappy changing area, toys are sorted, and the toast is made. To do lists for school and medicine is packed. “ Good mom “,  I tell myself. I’m leaving home for a week to work on the most amazing projects. Bad mom?, I think …you should have stayed at home with the kids.

My mind wonders to when I was a child and I wanted mommy and daddy to stay home.  “ Don’t go to work”, I would say.  They made it clear; if they don’t t go to work, We can’t have a family car… I can’t have clothes, and we won’t have food.  They would leave for work.  Jobs that they worked hard for and were good at. They inspire me.

The house wakes up.  Monday feels like Sunday feels like Tuesday.  They all start the same.  I love how they start.  I meet my toddler in the corridor and present her her options like a flight attendant, “ tea or milk?” …She asks for “ bed” instead. That means we get back into bed to cuddle for a few minutes.  The kettle is warm.  I am a good mom.  After dropping her off at play-school today, I will leave for the airport.  I leave for work. I love my work. Should I stay at home with the kids?

I make another list.  One for the au pair. “ Please wash your hands when you arrive. Thanks for everything, love Elana “.  My toddlers swimming bag is packed for Tuesday, I change the nappy bin liners and move the frozen breastmilk to the front of the freezer so that it’s visible.  2 babies.  a Toddler and a baby.  They are so small.   I write in the communal house diary … “ Garden service arrives on Wednesday and a delivery will come for me Thursday afternoon.  I’ve made a drs appointment on Wednesday in case one of the babies are sick. 10:40 am”.   I take a deep breath. I am a good mom.

“You are a super Mom”  reads a Facebook comment.  That’s who I am?  I am super busy and super guilty.  “How do you do what you do” asks my Client…. I don’t know.

Please be proud of Mommy, I am working on TV this week.  Mommy is on a flight.  I will be home soon, to give you “tea”, “milk” and “bed”



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