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Two kids under 2… #WIN a Kidz Brandz hamper! #TDIBrandz

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A few days ago, after the birth of my youngest, I realized the following;

a) I still look pregnant

b) I still look pregnant to other people …

c) I now have 2 kids under 2!

It’s become so real.  Motherhood is serious, but two under 2 is major!

We all know that everyone wants to give advice when you fall pregnant, or when your little one is sick,  or even when you need to introduce your toddler to their new sibling. Well, I want to give advice too…just because it’s free and also because you might not need it, but I DO!!! ( holds onto hair to pull it out)

I’ve heard that most toddlers misbehave before the new one arrives. I have been in denial thinking “how bad can it be….? ”  Out of the 100000 things I have experienced with my toddler, this stands out;

–  toddlers who “want it their way” –  learn to say “no” before yes!

–  want to hear the same song on that bloody cd in my car at least 10 times. Over and over.

–  want to hear the same song over and over and creates a title for it that I don’t understand like ” play boom boom” or ” play hooray”

– only says “please” when you say it.  So please say please.

– wants to potty train themselves and manage to get their nappy off, but only tells you about the poo after they’ve gone. That way you can scoop it up with roller towl and wash your hands ALL night long. We have mastered the pee, yea!

–  points at random men out of the shopping trolley and says ” oupa” thinking it means ” man”

–  says “chippiessssss” and goodness forbid if they don’t get it….

–  will try on shoes that are way too small for them and get frustrated that they have grown out of it!

–  will possibly be rough with the new baby, especially when they change her name to ” my baby”…. because the toddler thinks the baby is her doll.

– wants to be pushed around the house in a Babystyle Oyster Lite Twin! While I make racing car sounds.

Well, a few of my clients have knocked on my door to make my journey easier. A big thanks to Mark, Lisa and Trish from TDI Brandz. The hamper that we are giving away this week I received together with this Babystyle Oyster Lite Twin stroller. They are back in stock April/May this year!

Why I dig TDi Brandz?

They are my preferred supplier of feeding solutions. They have amazing storage options for babyfood and stage 1 feeding systems.
TDI Brandz also represents the following international brands in Africa (

Kids Embrace (US) Character Car Seats
ThermoBaby (France) Bath & Toilet Training products
Brother Max (UK) Feeding, Weaning & Safety products
Little Dutch (Netherlands) Soft & Wooden Toys
PUJ Baby (US/Canada) Bath products
Yoomi (UK) Self warming bottles
Buggy & Scooty Lights (UK) Safety lights for Prams & Scooters

Owners Mark Butlion and his sister Lisa have been successful entrepreneurs in South Africa for over 20 years and have developed long term relationships with wholesale, distribution and retail partners from the multiple chain store groups to independent retail stores. So let me help you out too 😉

We’re giving away a Kidz Brandz hamper worth R1000!



The hamper includes the following goodies from Thermo Baby, Little Dutch & Brother Max: Thermo Baby: 1 x Potty @ R135.00 + 1 x Footstool @ R279.00 Little Dutch: 1 x Little Dutch Cuddle Rabbit 19cm Mixed Stars @ R199.00 + 1 x Little Dutch Cuddle Rabbit Rattle @ R159.00 Brother Max: 1 x Blue/Green Plates @ R99.00 + 1 x Blue/Green Snackpot @ R129.00



To enter, use the widget below, and remember to subscribe to Chocolateface‘s newsletter here.

Win a Kidz Brandz Hamper!

Check out TDi Brandz’ website here.

Good luck. The juggle is real 😉




#WIN with Runningbear! Shoes for our babies!

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I’ve always bought shoes for my babies. I recently unpacked a size 1 sneaker that will be handed to the new arrival soon! Even when my baby couldn’t walk yet, I dressed her from head to toe, with the best quality shoes. That’s how we grew up. Mom always told my siblings and I, “You would always be fed and wear good shoes” .

I recently received one of the cutest pair of moccasins. Running Bear is the brainchild of advocate and mother Lisa K who is the wife of South African pop star Danny K. She has a love and affinity for shoes and children so this proved to be the perfect marriage of both.

The brand was hugely inspired by Lisa’s very personal experience with her first, born son Jayden. She struggled to find a shoe that was stylish, comfortable and functional while still benefitting his development. This resulted in the creation of the Running Bear Moccasins.


Running Bear Moccasins are designed with love and care by Lisa herself always with the objective of keeping your little one’s precious feet in mind. The elastic opening makes the moccasins easy to put on and take off and most importantly they stay on! These fashionable, soft leather moccasins imitate barefoot walking and help strengthen their muscles and ligaments. They are handmade with highest quality leather, sourced internationally. They are durable and are suitable for both pre-walkers and toddlers alike. They are crafted in such a way that encourages the natural development of your child’s growing feet without inhibiting them.

The range is fun, cool and playful with a contemporary bohemian undertone that will undoubtedly make your child stand out from the crowd. Every pair of moccasins comes with a complimentary, personalized book called The Story of Running Bear, dreamed up by Lisa herself. The book makes for perfect night time reading and will have your little one looking forward to putting on their Running Bear Moccasins everyday.


The attention to detail and personal touch is what makes this brand feel really special. “I care deeply about creating a product that I would be proud of my child wearing. No corners were cut in creating a shoe of the highest quality.” says Lisa. Running Bear Moccasins are affordable, stylish, functional and funky. Make your little one a part of our Running Bear family!

The collection will be available at select boutique stores and online at !!

We’re giving away a pair of baby shoes from Running Bear!

To enter, use the widget below, and remember to subscribe to Chocolateface‘s newsletter here.

WIN a pair of baby shoes with Running Bear!

Giveaway ends Friday, 3 February 2017. Terms and conditions always apply! 

Make sure you follow Running Bear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram here, here and here and visit their website here –

Happy walking 😉

All my love,





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Travel with Elana…I’m taking you on a journey!

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I’m on a journey. Always. People say I’m popping,… I say….I’m on the move. What’s more exciting; Being 4 weeks away from having my second baby or launching a travel show with the coolest team everrrrrr.


Cape Town is my obvious starting point. I was born in the Mother City and left for 10 years to the city of Gold to make some TV dreams come true. It’s there where I struck Platinum. I met the coolest people and had the best time of my life. Most of all. I was living my dream job, TV.

One of the people I met in Johannesburg 20 years ago at the start of my career, is now my co-traveller. Jan du Toit is a director of photography that specializes in documentary films and filmed movies for BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel , Animal Planet and I bumped into him recently on the set of Resident Evil. I’ve known Jan’s work for 20 years, and shook his hand the first time after he survived a near death high-speed helicopter crash that landed them into the Katse dam in Lesotho.  5 were in the chopper, 3 survived and Jan was one of them.


Left to right: Jan with some ous in Bamako, Mali / Sunset in Accra, Ghana / Jan shooting for Nat Geo in Petra, Jordan / Jan on set of 10 000 BC in Swakopmund, Namibia

So why travel?

Well, I am out and about every week, and want to show the world my beautiful city.

Travel with Elana  is an online series that takes you through South Africa and especially Cape Town! Every week you can look forward to some amazing pictures of our cities and short videos that takes you traveling without actually having to be there. Photographer and videographer Jan du Toit is behind the lens! Follow Jan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking here, here and here.

I was on Signal Hill in our first video below. Click on the link and watch the buzz and this town come alive!

Also see Table mountain from Lions head. Jan was climbing Lions Head one early morning when a fog bank suddenly pushed in over the city bowl from the North West. In seconds it was completely enveloped in the mist.


Follow my journey. This is our journey. This is Travel with Elana.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram here, here and here.

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Till drugs do us part…

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They are talented, and drug addicts.

Most of their music I only bought after their deaths and sang their songs to celebrate their gifts. Only then I became a fan of Amy, Michael, Whitney, and many others who lost their lives as a result of addiction. George Michael’s streams increased by 3000% the day after he died. 3000% !?

This week, traveling to London on a family holiday, we landed at Heathrow and was informed by my Gospel music Promotor brother that George Michael died. This is serious.  Shocked. Then shocked at how he potentially died. Ian (my husband) a devoted father and music man, changed our travel itinerary. Instead of visiting the British library on the day, they were going to George’s home. That afternoon he started doing reporting to all major TV and radio stations back home from the location. George Michael’s house.

George Michael is dead, and Ian is standing in front of his house’s gate as if he was invited for tea. Reporting. George’s car still parked outside the house with a bottle of water in it that he sipped on whenever.


Pictures: Ian Bredenkamp

Listen here:

Credit: one of Ian’s interviews on radio

Back to the music. I decided to interview Ian. He knows music better than Google and iTunes. Really. I want to know about great musicians who he adores.

Me to Ian…

E: Which other music stars passed on this year – but lives on for you?

Ian: David Bowie

George Michael

Lemmy from Motörhead

Leonard Cohen

Glenn Frey


E: Do you have 5 pictures of you with famous musicians?

Ian: Yes.

E: You are so vocal.

Ian: (grunts)


E: Who is your favorite all time artist?

Ian: Rolling Stones. I love their combination of showmanship, the blues, great songs and legend status

E: I love it! I love you.

Ian: I love you too. Ask more questions.

E: Why did you drag me to Mariah Carey last year?

Ian: Because in life we should try spend 2 hours in the presence of massive stars. There’s normally a reason they sell millions of albums and tickets: it’s because they’re so good! So even if you’re not a massive fan it can be a fascinating experience watching someone who has honed their craft. Also: I love the sound of 20 000 people singing along to a song at the same time!

E: We had The Beatles as our wedding song – do you know the words of the chorus?

I give her all my love
That’s all I do
And if you saw my love
You’d love her to
I love her
She gives my everything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me
And I love her
A love like ours
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me
Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her
Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her, ooh

E: How do you even?… nevermind

E: Why do you know every musician and the album cover so well?

Ian: It’s a cliche but music is my passion. It’s what I grew to love from the age of 10. I’d spend countless hours playing air guitar to Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet or trying to dance to the songs on Michael Jackson’s bad. Music is what I love.

E: Tell me a story that involves you, music and being a teenager

Ian: My friends and I spent many hours making pirated cassettes from our fave albums. We called it transferring then, not pirating. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses, Prince etc. I’d cut the album covers out when they were featured in music magazines and then I’d glue it all together to make great looking sleeves for my cassettes. My collection grew and grew but I wanted the real deal, not pirated goods. Then CDs were introduced. So I got a job selling ice creams on the beach to make money for CDs and eventually got a job at the perfect place for a teenager: Musica!

E: Beethoven said – “To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.” Any artist that you admired on album but that missed the notes live?

Ian: Hahaha great question! Yes, Crowded House, LIVE, Rihanna and Kings of Leon all left me with a disappointed taste in my mouth

E: We are in London while George Micheal passed on – what are you going to do about it?

Ian: We found our way to his home in Highgate. What an eerie, other worldly experience. I’ve always seen candle lit vigils outsides the homes of stars on TV but never been in the place to attend one myself. There were hundreds of flowers, candles and posters, cards, album covers. TV crews and fans. The most bizarre was that his Range Rover was still parked outside his home on the kerb and fans were writing messages in the dirt on the side of the car.

E: I Love you

Ian: I love you too.


From London, Elana & Ian

Follow Ian on Twitter and Instagram here and here.



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