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THAT selfie…belongs to who?

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I was once told that the public “owns us”, the statement was referring to celebrities being public property. Some recognize me. Other don’t. I am content with both. But “own us”…REALLY?


It’s flattering when someone runs up to you to ask for a picture. I always say yes. It becomes scary though when;

I walk into a restaurant for a meeting and the waitress shows me selfies of my daughter and her taken a few weeks ago. When handing her my baby at the time, she managed to, in a matter of seconds ,take 5 selfies, that I didn’t know about. She is showing this to her family, friends, and now…Me. I’m horrified. But I have to keep cool. Be polite. She knows me from TV. I might be misunderstood.


I’m putting my baby to sleep. The doorbell rings. As I open the door, in front of me stands Lynn. “You are Elana Afrika…..I heard you live in the area. Can I see the baby? Can I sell you a house? OH..You are putting the baby to sleep. And who trimmed your tree?” She asks a string of questions without taking a breath. I’m horrified. But I have to keep cool. Be polite. She knows me from TV. I might be misunderstood. She knows where I live.

I do a photo-shoot for a friend’s portfolio. I see an opportunity for my baby to have a quick snap with me. A week later our picture is on her business profile. How do I tell her. No. Take baby off. I did business with you. Not baby. I’m horrified. But I have to keep cool. Be polite. She knows me from TV. I might be misunderstood. She has my baby’s picture on her business site.


3 men deliver a beautiful chair for my home. I ordered and paid for it online. I am home with 3 other people. So, I’m safe right. No I’m not. I walk back to the front door with the signed delivery note. The men are busy taking selfies of themselves and my family’s pictures in the foyer of our house. After writing their employer I was guaranteed the pictures would be deleted off their phones. I got a written apology. I’m horrified. But I have to keep cool. Be polite. They know me from TV. I might be misunderstood.

Saturday I was at the tailors. His accent is strong. It silences me. The room is small, 2 other men are behind sewing machines. Their voices buzz in unison as they speak through their teeth. My stylist sent me. Alone. My baby is in full view of me in her stroller. While I am undressing in the tiny fitting room, and slipping on a sequins dress, I see the silhouette of someone’s hand through the almost see through curtain. I see him zoom in on my baby’s face… The tailor is busy taking pictures of my baby. I grab his phone. I get dressed. Delete my baby’s pictures and rush home out of breath. I’m horrified. But I have to keep cool. Be polite. They know me from TV. I might be misunderstood.


I’m thinking of the 100s of selfies I have on my phone. I never asked if I could post them on social media. Politicians, radio personalities, celebrities. I have a selfie of them on my phone….



My response to “10 Things I wish my grandchildren would stop doing”… via Parent24

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I LOVED Elizabeth Durand’s article on Parent24 last week. Read it here.

So much, that I thought, this is the perfect opportunity to open up to my baby’s grandparents. She is a lucky girl. With 2 sets of dedicated, loving grandparents, what can go wrong?


Let’s start with:

  1. Sorry, Moms and Dads, but you are going to have to take the baby’s pictures off Facebook. Also untag us in the “poop” comments. Dad, please don’t feel bad. Ok? Ma… please speak to Dad.
  2. The doctor said you have to follow a diabetic diet. I scratched in your bedroom drawer for chocolate the other day and found… chocolate. It was yummy. You can have the fruit, but not in chocolate. Sorry I scratched in your drawer. ?
  3. My stepdaughter cannot have a GHD. I said no, and her dad said yes. You said maybe. Sooooo…The answer is no. She is too young and they are hot enough to toast bread. I have toasted bread with my GHD before. So she cannot toast her hair just yet.
  4. Please kiss the baby only once. When you kiss her for a long, long time, her face starts smelling like you. Like cinnamon and like fudge and sometimes like coffee. Then I have to wash her face again. Then you kiss her again. I’m a first-time mom and want my baby to smell like baby products.
  5. Both my dads: The reason someone asks for the owner of the house when you work in the garden, is because we need to change what you wear when you are working in the garden. The T-shirt with the holes in them and the KFM hat and “veldskoene” does not qualify as an outfit of someone who owns your house. Let’s start with the T-shirts. I’m buying one in every color.
  6. Please can you use the smartphone I gave you? I can’t print all the pictures we take of the baby every week. You will be able to view them without printing it. Promise.
  7. The GPS is for your car. Plugging it in at home and writing down the directions defeats the purpose. Can we fix the lighter plug thingi majigi in your car?
  8. We know the bottles of wine without the labels are cheaper, but they don’t gift very well. Can we print you stickers for them? Or perhaps we give you the extra money for wine WITH labels.
  9. Please park at the airport when you collect me with the baby. Driving around in circles around the airport does not save you money. If you park, you can pay like R20 and save all the dramarama.
  10. Then, lastly,
    You cannot take flowers that you bought for mom back to the shop for a refund if they don’t open up within 3 days. Perhaps you should apologise to the shop owner and buy mom flowers elsewhere from now on.

See you Sunday for lunch.
I will make dessert. With extra brandy.

(Source: Parent24)

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ArtJamming …What’s the fuss. #Giveaway

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I remember checking out the fine art students at Varsity…Thinking that they will either turn out stinking rich or real sad cases in life.  I realised the benefit of an art student in ones life, when I married one, and you need him to brush the last bit of hair dye at the back of your head of hair…there where neither you nor the mirror can see…precision, precise..The brush glides neatly on my hairline, and 30 minutes later I have black hair.

Even I had art as a subject in a government school.  I was 10 at the time, and Mr Latief sat on his chair teaching us.  I always wondered why he didn’t just get up to teach us.  He was the first blond person I had ever seen in real life.  The tables were high. So were the chairs.  And the class was at the back of the school… It was ” different ” to the other subjects. Everybody knew that.  That crazy Ravensmead summer, I entered my painting into a competition.   The whole school jetted to the exhibition where they would announce the winner. They bussed us in. I looked…and in silence I realised my painting didn’t make it to the exhibition wall. We went home.  Till today, I don’t know if Mr Lazy didn’t enter it, or if it simply wasn’t good enough.


I had a 2nd chance the other day.  Artjamming.  If you wondering what the fuss is, then you should try it, and perhaps you’d rave as much as we are.  I love the story behind the artjamming-black-hi-res-logo-aug-2013businesswomen who owns the brand.. But that’s a story for another day.  ARTJAMMING Messy Play. Sounds good right.   Children of all ages can enjoy and benefit from messy play. Infants and toddlers may simply explore the materials and enjoy textures and smells.


Special BenefitsDSC_1132? Since there is no “right way” to do messy play, children with special needs can use these open-ended materials as they wish.

At the moment Artjamming Messy Play Classes are only being offered at the Waterfront Store but there are plans to introduce them into all stores in 2016. Classes start from 8 months old up to 4 years. To book email or call 021-4255050 or visit


Win a ArtJamming session for 6 valued at R1000!

Email with the subject heading “ArtJamming“ to be entered into the competition. Competition closes on the 6th of September 2015.


Room-In-A-Box …If you need a nursery…#WIN

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ABC TedDecorated your nursery yet?

Before my baby arrived I read up on how one should prepare by cooking meals and freezing before hand! I did none of it…and we survived…JUST :)

The ONLY thing I had done, was the nursery.  I packed and folded all the little clothes over and over and kitted out 3 ” sleeping areas ” for baby.  In one of them, I use the baby duvet I got in “ROOM-IN-A-BOX” from Pitter Patter Home. I didn’t use the whole box, as my nursery was completed.

“As an expectant mother, you want everything to be just right. But with so many options available and very little time, preparing a nursery can be daunting.”

– Pitter Patter Home co-founder, Els-Marie Zerf.

Pitter Patter Home has three ranges that are unique, interactive, bold and fun. Choose between the bright “Ted and Friends” range, the delightful “Mouse Tea Party” range and the adorable “ABC Ted” range. All items are 100% cotton, excluding the inners.

 Room-In-A-Box comprises:

 Duvet cover (100% cotton) 110cm x 75cm

Duvet Inner

Pillow Case (100% cotton) 25cm x 33cm

Breathable Pillow

Cot bumper 25cm x 184cm

Fitted Sheet (100% cotton) Large cot size

Waterproof Changing Mat

Changing mat cover (100 % cotton) 60cm x 50cm

Two lined tab curtains (100% cotton) 225cm x 150cm

Blanket (100% cotton) 90cm x 70cm

Set of large vinyl stickers 59cm x42cm (x2)

hi res Mouse Tea Party1

Facebook: Pitter Patter Home

Stand a chance to win a Room-In-A-Box!

Subscribe to,  Like us on Twitter @chocolatefaceZA and send an email to with the subject heading Room-In-A-Box. 

This giveaway ends the 14th of June 2015.

Terms and conditions always apply!



hi res Ted and Friends



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