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And the winner is…

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Hi everyone.

What a fun yummy journey so far, sharing my #ElanaShoes, style, free stuff, music and food with you.

Until recently we started publicly announcing our winners again. Well done to

Sharon Hess who won our Grand Provence giveaway and to Mareca Dietman who is going to dine in style at De Grendel. 

Keep watching this space. I am sharing my baby-moon journey with you this week, ( yes I am pregnant:) and doing a few rad interviews with some of the coolest media people ever!

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Happy week.




To Eat! #DeGrendel & WIN!!!

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The Longest part of my trip to De Grendel, was the beautiful driveway, that made me feel like a surprise lies around the corner of this gorgeous venue, only 20 minutes from Cape Town… 6 Minutes from my house.

Picture: CapeTownMagazine

Picture: CapeTownMagazine



My virgin Mojito arrives quickly, and In the heat of Summer in Cape town, I am exhausted by the beautiful views of Table Mountain !   Wine cocktails are also available. I know, a Wine cocktail.  I soberly fell off my chair, because I want one. Imagine adding watermelon, and basil. And then the farms own Sauvignon Blanc. 


The venue is open for lunch and dinner, try for lunch though, the farm has duck ponds and horses and if you have kids, a Sunday outing here is a real treat.  Also,  open some of the delicious wines. They are realistically priced.


As for the food…ridiculously good. No really.

The menu changes often- I don’t mind though.

My meals and tastes prepared by Ian Berg-

Squid head prawn form mains  – For words so simple, the dish had a lot of detail.  Delicious.



I am a fan of risotto, but nobody gets it right- They did. Out comes a surprise dish from the chef, Wild mushroom risotto, , Enoki mushroom  and artichokes .



I had the lamb on the main menu.  I enquired about the sauce that was good enough to drink.  Well,  they added Port. YUM!


Want to have lunch or dinner at De Grendel?  I would say yes.


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@Degrendelwines on Twitter

De Grendel Wine Estate and Restaurant

Address: 112 Plattekloof Road, Cape Town, 7500, South Africa

Phone:+27 21 558 6280


My last holiday @grande_provence. WIN!!!!

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I recently watched, The Last Holiday on TV.  A movie starring Queen Latifah, where she plays a humble store assistant, Georgia, who is told that she has a rare brain condition, and only a few weeks left to live.  She goes on a magical holiday and fine dines every night.



Between my Truffled garden pea and estate cured pancetta risotto … smoked thyme and image2black pepper espuma …the vegetarian option of course,






For mains Farmed White Sea Bass… cajun spiced soft shell crab, ocean and land asparagus, smoked caraway butter and








For dessert  Summer Berries, wild berry sorbet, Italian meringue, candied apple and beetroot gel, citrus sherbet, hazelnut vanilla air…


I am her totally her.  I am Queen Elana for the night, at Grand Provence just off Main Road, in the magnificent Franschhoek Valley, Cape Town, Western Cape  (021 876 8600).    By the way,  It’s not my last holiday. It just felt as special.


If I told you that we were visiting “47 acres of gentle vistas“ it doesn’t matter, because none of us are actually going to walk the land.  But,  what I do want to point out is the farm is beautiful, romantic, and has an outdoors gallery of South African art and international and local visitors, and the wines are award-winning Grande Provence wines and the from the Angels Tears lifestyle collection. 

We arrived early… My hubby took part in the wine tasting and I got the most beautiful drink, something close to a virgin strawberry daiquiri.










Sitting down for dinner, I sunk away into white leather, with a high backrest.   My feet can even touch the ground.  For the rest of my experience, I made a list of Elana “Must-haves”, that Grand Provence exceeded.

The-Restaurant Grande Provence

The-Restaurant Grande Provence

  • The serving staff were excellent.  Giving us just enough time to talk, eat and listen.
  • You can expect a palate cleanser and a pre–dessert which  Chef, Darren Badenhorst prepared.
  • OMG. Then Award winning Cheff Darren came out of the kitchen and I was  foody-star-struck. He also pointed out that the berries are grown in the area. Some of them come from his own garden. I savoured each one of them on my plate. Delicious.
  • Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant in Notting-hill got 1/10 for their toilets. Gosh.  Grande Provence on the other hand, gets a 10!   I always think chicks need to select the hand wash and soap products.  I think a chick selected these. :)  yum!
  • The dinner and lunch menu has a set price. So if you are wary of over ordering, fear not.  Just enjoy.

Grande-Provence-Tapas-1.CQP4Jw We are giving away, 

–  A Taste of Grande Provence for one winner and a partner, valued at R200.00 (wine tasting with canapés)


– Wine Tastings for a you and  9 friends @ the value at R500.00

In order to stand a chance, subscribe to , and comment below with your email address. If you are already a subscriber already, send us an email to with the subject heading @grande_provence.  Let us know if you are entering for the  2, or 10 people option.

Terms and conditions ALWAYS apply.

OH. And if you are gonna book- its pronounced ( Grant Pro-vance)…#justsaying.


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Last chance: we want to donate stationery to your school!

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It was crazy to see the malls fill with learners piling shopping trollies full of stationery before the new school year, and realizing that not everyone can afford being in school for the new year.  If I could, I would make sure that every child in South Africa stays in school, so I am doing what I can.   I have gotten the help of our friends at Shoprite to support the importance of educating the children of SA and assisting them with basic resources.

Shoprite has offered to donate over R40 000.00 worth of stationery to two schools in South Africa.  I don’t want to give it to my own schools I attended.  I want you to nominate your own school and #ShareForGood.

This includes :

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Stationery sets
  • Colouring & wax crayons
  • Erasers
  • Copy Paper
  • Flip files
  • Glue sticks
  • Highlighters
  • Permanent markers
  • Pencil boxes
  • Prestik

Send me an email to with the subject heading #ShareForGood  and a short letter of why your school should receive the stationery. Closing date for your entry is  Tuesday 17 th 2015.

Also, Join the conversation online, and share your entry on Twitter by tagging @Shoprite_SA and @elanaafrika to say which school you have nominated and use the hashtag #ShareForGood 

Hope you are gonna love school this year as much as I did.

My school

My school










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