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Travel with Elana | Kite Surfing

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Just when I thought traveling in Cape Town can not get any more exciting, I bumped into Malin Kirjonen.  A boxing champion , stuntwoman and a F-ONE kite surfer.

I’m not gonna kid you, Even though I have the guts to try extreme things, I’m not very good at doing extreme things.  Malin is incredible on her board, and took us on a journey where none of our cameras have ever gone before.WhatsApp Image 2017-02-21 at 12.22.45 PM
WhatsApp Image 2017-02-21 at 12.26.39 PM

My travel buddy Jan, captured all the action.  For Jan, photographing action sports is all about capturing that one perfect moment, often a split second.

A few factors need to be perfect when taking these snaps; your focus, exposure and shutter speed to freeze action!

Jan says: “Getting everything right is extremely hard, but its also very satisfying when everything comes together.”

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-21 at 12.29.48 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-02-22 at 7.53.33 AM

Reaching heights of up to 7 meters in the water, Malin makes surfing look so easy!  Her love for Cape Town ?  Well, the  lifestyle, the mountains, the best beaches and of course the greatest conditions for kite surfing!

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-16 at 5.55.28 AM

Watch this action video for this week.  Listen out for the wind howling at 30 to 40 knots and the gurgling of the water as our cameras go kitesurfing with Malin Kirjonen

Follow Malin on Instagram here >>

See you on the road.



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Travel with Elana: Kramats – Cape Mazaars

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One would need to be greedy or ignorant to truly want to live forever. I Immediately want to start talking about leaving a legacy, living life to the fullest and purpose, when I think of life and death.

All of my thoughts around this were sparked when travel buddy Jan and I were out in Cape Town and stumbled upon Kramats or Cape Mazaars. Could one say, where the deceased lives is beautiful and mean it respectfully? Because what I saw blew my mind!

I’ve lived in CT all my live and have never visited a Kramat, until last week. With scarf in hand and modest attire, I was privileged enough to visit these holy shrines of Islam. Graves of Holy Men of the Muslim faith. Think of them as special houses that keeps the remains, stories and spirit of some of the greatest leaders that ever lived. tells of their existence in detail.

It all started with the Dutch invasion of places such as India and Java. Local communities resisted the tyranny but their leaders were banished to the Cape.

Citizens of Malay, Indian, Javanese, Bengalese and Arabian origins were also sold into slavery during this time, and these slaves and sultans started the first Muslim communities in the Cape. It was only during the British occupation that the first Mosque was permitted.

2017-01-25-PHOTO-00000043 2017-01-25-PHOTO-00000044 2017-01-25-PHOTO-00000045 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000057 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000060 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000065 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000068

There are guides to Kramats available, and information on the Cape Mazaar society’s website:

This is what we discovered on our travels.  Watch this week’s #TravelWithElana


Guide to the Kramats of the Western Cape

Cape Mazaar Society – P O Box 443, Gatesville, Cape 7766, South Africa.

Ph:SA + (0)21) 699-0500. Fax: SA + (0)21) 699-0508.

Photographer and videographer Jan du Toit is behind the lens. Follow Jan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking here, here and here.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram here, here and here.


Travel with Elana…I’m taking you on a journey!

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I’m on a journey. Always. People say I’m popping,… I say….I’m on the move. What’s more exciting; Being 4 weeks away from having my second baby or launching a travel show with the coolest team everrrrrr.


Cape Town is my obvious starting point. I was born in the Mother City and left for 10 years to the city of Gold to make some TV dreams come true. It’s there where I struck Platinum. I met the coolest people and had the best time of my life. Most of all. I was living my dream job, TV.

One of the people I met in Johannesburg 20 years ago at the start of my career, is now my co-traveller. Jan du Toit is a director of photography that specializes in documentary films and filmed movies for BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel , Animal Planet and I bumped into him recently on the set of Resident Evil. I’ve known Jan’s work for 20 years, and shook his hand the first time after he survived a near death high-speed helicopter crash that landed them into the Katse dam in Lesotho.  5 were in the chopper, 3 survived and Jan was one of them.


Left to right: Jan with some ous in Bamako, Mali / Sunset in Accra, Ghana / Jan shooting for Nat Geo in Petra, Jordan / Jan on set of 10 000 BC in Swakopmund, Namibia

So why travel?

Well, I am out and about every week, and want to show the world my beautiful city.

Travel with Elana  is an online series that takes you through South Africa and especially Cape Town! Every week you can look forward to some amazing pictures of our cities and short videos that takes you traveling without actually having to be there. Photographer and videographer Jan du Toit is behind the lens! Follow Jan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking here, here and here.

I was on Signal Hill in our first video below. Click on the link and watch the buzz and this town come alive!

Also see Table mountain from Lions head. Jan was climbing Lions Head one early morning when a fog bank suddenly pushed in over the city bowl from the North West. In seconds it was completely enveloped in the mist.


Follow my journey. This is our journey. This is Travel with Elana.

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