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I am pleased. I choose amazing friends and I have a great job. But I really need this. A blog. And now it’s here.

A day before I launch ….my husband has a birthday. A fast passed – bright cake – music lovin – fashion filled Birthday. I married the coolest guy ever. When we were at varsity together, He looked like Ozzy Osbourne. I will show you one day. In my quest to keep his birthday simple yet amazing ( I did too much again…) I created a short film of all our friends and family wishing him a happy birthday. Why am I making you watch a personal home movie about our friends? I want to remind you that of all the people that surround you every day there are some really amazing ones that just want to love you.

As for the rest of ChocolateFace this week….
Posts without pretence I tell you. Music by IBMedia’s Ian Bredenkamp. He turns One Direction into heroes. Jules Mercer, my dear friend and kitchen goddess touches some raw steak and we are giving you a chance to win some Good and Wine tickets for all of us in Gauteng.

Have a sweet week. Enjoy reading.


FashionWeek Cape Town! We go backstage!

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KluckCGDT does it again!


Every time I get compliment, is when I am wearing KluckCGDT.  I have been a Jewish Bridesmaid in KluckCGDT, gotten married with their alterations on my dress, been to a wedding, MC stage and presented Miss South Africa in their dresses and now that they have launched their new Townhouse and atiljee in Bree Street…I am wearing KluckCGDT again.  I could be a show off and present you  with 20 dresses that I love!, but see only this one…What I wore for Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.  Delighted. Thank you Malcom and Christaan





Steak anyone? Jules Mercer is in the kitchen..

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The perfect steak for  #ElanaWine        IMG_5781[Resized]

#ElanaWine made every smile on the table just that much bigger when we served it the other day.  The packaging is über stylish, of course, but it’s great when that is met with a truly superb product inside.  She’s just never one to disappoint, is she?

Inspired by the gorgeous bottle, I decided to match this bolshy, super sexy shiraz  with a special fat steak filled with a few fun Asian flavours.  People often talk about the ‘umami’ of a good steak – that charred edge and map-like marbling that melts into a soft juicy centre.   It’s this dreamy quality that makes any good man or woman crave a decent steak, done perfectly.  I believe this recipe really brings out all you could expect from a good piece of beef, with a nice Kung fu-style punch.

There are lots of opinions of which is the best steak cut to have.  I’m not here to give you an answer.  I will say that these are a few you might consider, but hey, we’re all different:

fillet – we all know about fillet – very lean but soft n tender

sirloin – a bit more flavour than fillet, with a nice layer of fat

rib eye – my steak of choice.  Unrivaled marbling and flavour, a bit of a chew but thats just how I like it

Iron steak – not a common cut, but if you’re short of cash it’s a winner.  Just be sure not to over cook this flat beauty, and it is always helped with a little meat bashing.

Get the best quality meat your money can buy.


Serves: 4


4 rib eye steaks, on the bone, weighing about 2-300g each (or your steak of choice)

few drops sesame oil

1/2 tsp Chinese 5-spice powder mixed with 1 Tbsp sea salt

2 Tbsp butter

1 inch of ginger, peeled and grated

4-6 Tbsp soy or Tamari sauce

1/2 cup (65ml) water


To serve: chips, oven roasted leeks or even a golden fried egg

To start, bring your steak to room temperature if you like it anything more cooked than rare. If you like it close on raw, leave it in the fridge until you are ready to fry it up – this will keep the steak cool in the centre and so wont cook as quickly.


Rub the steaks with a few drops of sesame oil each side.  It’s a potent oil, so we’re talking drops here not glugs.

Heat a frying pan on medium heat.

Place  the steaks in the pan.  Soon as they start to sizzle, sprinkle with the 5-spice salt.

Cook for 2-3 mins each side for med-rare, and 4-5 mintues each side for medium well done.  (This also depends on how thick your steaks are, use the thumb test as in video if you’re not sure.  Elana was freaked out by it, but it really, really, does work!)

Remove from the pan and allow the steak to rest whilst you make the sauce.


Pop the butter in the hot pan, take it off the heat if it’s starting to get a bit hot.  Throw in the grated ginger, and then the soy sauce/water mix.  Stir around with a wooden spoon to scrape the delicious bits of steak off the base of the pan. Soon as it’s bubbling, remove from the heat and pour over the hot steak.

Serve immediately with your choice of sides and a big ol glass of  #ElanaWine.



t: @thejulesmercer


IMG_5779 [Resized]

Elana Shiraz 2012

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One Direction Heroes?

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Last week the most successful band in the world celebrated their fourth anniversary as a performing act. If that seems like a short trip to success then you’re right, it is. One Direction is on top of the music game whether you like it or not. They’ve sold more songs, albums, concert tickets and tshirts that anyone else. In four years they’ve garnered 33 million Facebook fans and 20 million fans on twitter.

By comparison:

· It took the Beatles four years from the time they formed to play their 1st shows in America – the start of Beatlemania

· The Rolling Stones released 25 hit singles in their first four years together

· Founding member of Pink Floyd Syd Barrett didn’t even see the 4th year of his band – he left in year three due his poor mental health

· The greatest and most influential punk band of all time, the Sex Pistols, were around from 1975 to 1979 – they almost made 5 years, but not quite.

What are the lessons here? Whether you love or hate em, One Direction is:

· Making a lot of money

· Influencing around 100 million teenagers

· Having more fun at work today than you are

· Not going anywhere soon

My advice? Put on a Guns N Roses album and pretend it’s the 1990s.


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