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IMG_33My daughters favorite nursery rhyme is stuck in my head.  I’m softly humming the tune. I forgot one of the lines, but I remember the tune. I’m packing my evening dresses in my suitcase.  When traveling to gigs I always carry my new dresses in a suit bag, but when I go home, I roll them up and pack them next to my shoes and underwear in my suitcase.  The gig is done.  Finished.  Successful. hours until I board my flight to CT. HOME. I am filled with emotion. I can not wait to be with my family.  I hate saying it; but I am a working mom.  I love working. I love my children. I am a working mom.  2 flights took me away from home this week for work.  Thats a lot.  a Lot of flying and a lot of time away from my babies.  I have 2.

I’m home. It’s morning.  Everything is ready.  Lunch-boxes, clean linen, clean nappy changing area, toys are sorted, and the toast is made. To do lists for school and medicine is packed. “ Good mom “,  I tell myself. I’m leaving home for a week to work on the most amazing projects. Bad mom?, I think …you should have stayed at home with the kids.

My mind wonders to when I was a child and I wanted mommy and daddy to stay home.  “ Don’t go to work”, I would say.  They made it clear; if they don’t t go to work, We can’t have a family car… I can’t have clothes, and we won’t have food.  They would leave for work.  Jobs that they worked hard for and were good at. They inspire me.

The house wakes up.  Monday feels like Sunday feels like Tuesday.  They all start the same.  I love how they start.  I meet my toddler in the corridor and present her her options like a flight attendant, “ tea or milk?” …She asks for “ bed” instead. That means we get back into bed to cuddle for a few minutes.  The kettle is warm.  I am a good mom.  After dropping her off at play-school today, I will leave for the airport.  I leave for work. I love my work. Should I stay at home with the kids?

I make another list.  One for the au pair. “ Please wash your hands when you arrive. Thanks for everything, love Elana “.  My toddlers swimming bag is packed for Tuesday, I change the nappy bin liners and move the frozen breastmilk to the front of the freezer so that it’s visible.  2 babies.  a Toddler and a baby.  They are so small.   I write in the communal house diary … “ Garden service arrives on Wednesday and a delivery will come for me Thursday afternoon.  I’ve made a drs appointment on Wednesday in case one of the babies are sick. 10:40 am”.   I take a deep breath. I am a good mom.

“You are a super Mom”  reads a Facebook comment.  That’s who I am?  I am super busy and super guilty.  “How do you do what you do” asks my Client…. I don’t know.

Please be proud of Mommy, I am working on TV this week.  Mommy is on a flight.  I will be home soon, to give you “tea”, “milk” and “bed”



WIN with De Grendel Wines

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I call De Grendel my favorite place in my area. I love the views, the food and the wine. If classic elegance is your thing, look no further than their distinguished and elegant De Grendel Wines, and specifically their Merlot.


It has a beautiful gem-like ruby colour with garnet flashing around the edges and first reveals a delicate all-sorts of berries – red, black and blue – followed by the alluring aroma of aniseed, cedar and liquorice which are all carried through on the palette. Their Merlot is perfect with Sunday roast lamb and a perfect match for lamb shanks.

About the farm

De Grendel is situated on the historic eponymous Cape farm dating back to 1720 and home to the Graaff family for five generations. A working farm, the tradition of cattle, sheep and horses, dates back more than a century. 3rd Baronet Sir David Graaff established the vineyards and modern wine cellar, a legacy now continued by his son, Sir De Villiers. Cellar master Charles Hopkins combines the most modern winemaking techniques with a nod to the farm’s heritage, eco-caring ethos and commitment to quality.


De Grendel’s online shop at offers easy, fast and secure online shopping with delivery countrywide.

De Grendel wines are available online, at the De Grendel Tasting Room, De Grendel Restaurant and specialty wine stores countrywide.


To enter, use the widget below, and remember to subscribe to Chocolateface‘s newsletter here.

Win 6 bottles of De Grendel Merlot

T&Cs apply – entrants must be 18 years or older.



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Travel with Elana | Kite Surfing

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Just when I thought traveling in Cape Town can not get any more exciting, I bumped into Malin Kirjonen.  A boxing champion , stuntwoman and a F-ONE kite surfer.

I’m not gonna kid you, Even though I have the guts to try extreme things, I’m not very good at doing extreme things.  Malin is incredible on her board, and took us on a journey where none of our cameras have ever gone before.WhatsApp Image 2017-02-21 at 12.22.45 PM
WhatsApp Image 2017-02-21 at 12.26.39 PM

My travel buddy Jan, captured all the action.  For Jan, photographing action sports is all about capturing that one perfect moment, often a split second.

A few factors need to be perfect when taking these snaps; your focus, exposure and shutter speed to freeze action!

Jan says: “Getting everything right is extremely hard, but its also very satisfying when everything comes together.”

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-21 at 12.29.48 PMWhatsApp Image 2017-02-22 at 7.53.33 AM

Reaching heights of up to 7 meters in the water, Malin makes surfing look so easy!  Her love for Cape Town ?  Well, the  lifestyle, the mountains, the best beaches and of course the greatest conditions for kite surfing!

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-16 at 5.55.28 AM

Watch this action video for this week.  Listen out for the wind howling at 30 to 40 knots and the gurgling of the water as our cameras go kitesurfing with Malin Kirjonen

Follow Malin on Instagram here >>

See you on the road.



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And then your child bit my child…

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I once bit my brother.  In the rage of our argument, I grabbed his arm and tucked my sharp milk teeth into his chocolate skin.  My teeth didn’t sink into his flesh like I thought it would.  In fact, I think it was worst for me than for him.  Sure, he was bitten, but I had the aftertaste of blood in my mouth and the worlds biggest hiding later that day when daddy got home.  That was the first and the last time I bit.  It hurt.  All of it for that matter.

I think my child is an angel, on the playground she is not. My child doesn’t bite, but this spirited little girl slaps.  She tried it with me a few times.  I would grab her hand in motion, and glare at her with my evil eye and issue a warning.   She still does it from time to time and I reprimand her every time.

She came home last week with a bite mark on her arm.  I was informed what had happened, and I was horrified.  My toddler, who is not even two yet, now has a bite mark on her arm?  I could clearly see the teeth marks, and this upset me more. I felt pain, anger and so sorry for my daughter.  I also felt guilty for not being there when it happened.  Do I call the parent ? I tried to stay calm.

I went through all the motions.  If this was my child bitting others;  Would I own up to it? Would I call the parent and apologize, would I give my toddler a warning or a hiding and would I say anything at all.  I’m disappointed that the parents didn’t reach out to us.  We are all on a WhatsApp group and they could have just said something…anything?

At toddler age they can’t speak very well and I am sure they are really frustrated. So some bite, slap, shout and others throw tantrums.  I asked some experts about this. I am told;

“Try, “that’s biting, that’s wrong” or a firm “no”. If you’re in a group, remove them from the situation. Explain that it hurts others and why you don’t like them doing it. Teach them to express themselves: When things have calmed down, try to help your child find a less painful way to express their feelings”

Also, Most parenting blogs and sites explains that you need to remove the biter from the situation.  a 30 second time out feels like eternity for a toddler.  Also, to let him/her apologize with a ” sorry” and if he/she doesn’t talk yet, apologize with a gentle pat on their back.

In my case, When your kid’s the bitee

  • Wash the bite with soap and water right away, even if the skin’s not broken. If there’s even a little bleeding, apply antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage. Actual deep puncture wound? Call the doctor; she may prescribe an antibiotic.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of infection, such as redness or swelling at the bite site, or a fever.

Now lets hold thumbs for a good week.  Marilyn Monroe said ” Dogs never bite me. Just humans”…..She was so right.






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