Dié Besigheids Advies het my Gehelp

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So die nuus is in…ek begin ‘n nuwe TV show en kan nie gelukkiger wees nie. Die kanaal is wonderlik en my span ‘n regte wenspan.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill


Ek het geweet as ek ‘n nuwe projek wil begin dat ek my prioriteite in orde sal moet kry. My meisiekind het onlangs skoolkie begin maar dis n nuusbrief vir ‘n ander dag. Vir nou wil ek jou die advies gee wat my gehelp het om my twee nuwe projekte te begin. Die een, ‘n nuwe TV show en die ander een ‘n reklama maatskappy.

Wat is nou eintlik belangrik vir jou?

Daar kan nie 17 dinge in jou lewe wees wat “baie belangrik” is nie. Sommige goed is meer belangrik as ander en jy sal vir jouself moet besluit; is dit jou metgesel, jou ma, jou vriende, jou kinders, jou werk of om net die lewe te geniet.

Maak n lys van wat jy as belangrik ag. Hier is n voorbeeld om jou aan die gang te kry;
– finansiële sekuriteit
– kwaliteit familie tyd
– gesonde verhouding met jou man of partner
– ‘n goeie besigheid
– om te spaar vir die toekoms
– jou kinders se opvoeding
– gesondheid
– om as ‘n kenner bekend te wees
– jou kinders se sukses

Jy kan ‘n groot hoeveelheid “belangrike” punte maak. Dan, maak n sirkel om die 4 punte wat jy as die mees belangrikste ag. Dit is daai 4 goed wat jy in ag gaan moet neem en waaraan jy elke dag moet aandag skenk.

As jy ‘n prioriteits lys opstel sal jy ook weet as jy jou lewe, besigheid, of familie waardes gebasseer het op wat ander mense dink is belangrik vir jou, sit jy jouself op vir failure op ‘n persoonlike en besigheids vlak. So dit is die tyd om te fokus op jou eie prioriteite, jou eie besluite en wat vir jou die belangrikste is.

Ek deel graag met julle 2 punte wat op my lys is: die een is gesinslewe en die ander is om steeds ‘n werkende ma te wees. Elke dag werk ek aan daardie twee punte. Dit kry al my aandag.

En dan die beste nuus ooit, dat my prioriteits lys vir my werk.

As Julle die volle press release wil lees, dis onder, anders sien ek julle op VIA, kanaal 147 op DStv.

Volgende keer deel ek meer oor hoe werkende mammas nogsteeds goeie mammas kan wees



Kliek hier vir die press release.


WIN!! with Speedo!

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This week one of my sisters’ little ones gave her a hug and said, ” Mamma, you give nice hugs, like a big soft mattress!”  The biggest compliment to any mom, and the biggest insult if that comment came from a grownup! (I had massive giggles).

Soft or not, Hello Summer! It’s coming, and I’ve never ever had my summer body ready for summer. The expectations are just too high, my goals unrealistic, and after all, I have been pregnant more the last 4 years, than trying to work on that perfect body anyway.

So, I roped in our friends at Speedo to make us feel comfortable and confident in and out of the water.

They carefully placed prints, detailing, colour and neckline shapes to help your body appear in perfect proportion, creating optical illusions that enhance and shape the body: slimming, lengthening, balancing or creating curves, while distracting from the bits you’re not so keen on. You know, the soft mattressy bits… Just kidding.  They are really amazing though.  All-over body shaping fabric to smooth and shape your tummy, waist and bum.

Because we love water, they’ve used XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre in our swimwear.  That means, It lasts up to 10 times longer than unprotected elastane so our swimsuits fit and shape like new for longer.


We’re giving away a swimsuit from Speedo Sculpture!

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Good luck with summer.  Or I should say, summer better watch out for you!

All my love,




#Win with Green Cross!

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Here is a little Wednesday treat!

Our friends at Green Cross wants you to wear South Africa’s leading comfort footwear brand!


They manufacture and distribute shoes, shoe care products and foot care products.  Green Cross shoes are lightweight, padded for extra support and made of soft supple materials which conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot. Their shoes are ideal for people who spend much of their day on their feet.GReen Cross Summer Banner

We’re giving away a R2000 Green Cross voucher!

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Win with Chocolateface and Green Cross!

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More infomation about Green Cross available online Green Cross.





WIN!! with DermaStore!

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My daughter will forgive me for speaking about her bum today.  But, cutting molars is no joke! and a tender bum, needs a responsible parent.

I had the privilege of recently interviewing dermatologist  Dr Webster. I had questions around skin and especially baby skin.  He referred me to his online platform and I must say, I am impressed and hooked!  Dermastore™ is an online skincare boutique founded by Dr Ian Webster, a specialist dermatologist with over twenty-four years of experience. He is the first skin specialist and medical practitioner to develop an online cosmeceutical store in South Africa.

Mustela & Dermastore 2

When you land on the page, make sure to click on “skincare” and then ” baby”.  This is where you will find my latest discovery!  Mustela by Dermastore™.   We have our favourites already! The Vitamin Barrier Cream 1*2*3 (R150) is a life saver.  After a nappy change, pat bum dry with a tissue and apply.  This stuff works miracles!  The Hydra Bebe Facial Cream (R120) is just beautiful and the wipes, although pricier than ordinary baby wipes, Dermo Soothing Wipes (R100) is hubby ‘s favourite. I use it for the final wipe and for baby’s hands.

Caring for your baby’s very sensitive skin in the best possible way is key to overall health of your little one and it is for this reason that Dr Webster added Mustela to the Dermastore™ offering. Mustela has always chosen ingredients of safe, natural origin, sourcing most of the key active ingredients from plants.

We’re giving away a Mustela hamper worth R1420! The prize consists of the following:
  1. Baby Shampoo (R90)
  2. Dermo Soothing Wipes (R100)
  3. Vitamin Barrier Cream 1*2*3 (R150)
  4. Very High Protection Sunscreen (R280)
  5. Hydra Bebe Facial Cream (R120)
  6. 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash (R100)
  7. Stretch Marks Prevention (R290)
  8. Stretch Marks Recovery (R290)
Total value of the mom and baby set: R1420.00 
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Dermastore™ + Mustela Giveaway | chocolateface.co.za

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Available to purchase on Dermastore™ and delivered straight to your door, anywhere in South Africa.





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