And then your child bit my child…

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I once bit my brother.  In the rage of our argument, I grabbed his arm and tucked my sharp milk teeth into his chocolate skin.  My teeth didn’t sink into his flesh like I thought it would.  In fact, I think it was worst for me than for him.  Sure, he was bitten, but I had the aftertaste of blood in my mouth and the worlds biggest hiding later that day when daddy got home.  That was the first and the last time I bit.  It hurt.  All of it for that matter.

I think my child is an angel, on the playground she is not. My child doesn’t bite, but this spirited little girl slaps.  She tried it with me a few times.  I would grab her hand in motion, and glare at her with my evil eye and issue a warning.   She still does it from time to time and I reprimand her every time.

She came home last week with a bite mark on her arm.  I was informed what had happened, and I was horrified.  My toddler, who is not even two yet, now has a bite mark on her arm?  I could clearly see the teeth marks, and this upset me more. I felt pain, anger and so sorry for my daughter.  I also felt guilty for not being there when it happened.  Do I call the parent ? I tried to stay calm.

I went through all the motions.  If this was my child bitting others;  Would I own up to it? Would I call the parent and apologize, would I give my toddler a warning or a hiding and would I say anything at all.  I’m disappointed that the parents didn’t reach out to us.  We are all on a WhatsApp group and they could have just said something…anything?

At toddler age they can’t speak very well and I am sure they are really frustrated. So some bite, slap, shout and others throw tantrums.  I asked some experts about this. I am told;

“Try, “that’s biting, that’s wrong” or a firm “no”. If you’re in a group, remove them from the situation. Explain that it hurts others and why you don’t like them doing it. Teach them to express themselves: When things have calmed down, try to help your child find a less painful way to express their feelings”

Also, Most parenting blogs and sites explains that you need to remove the biter from the situation.  a 30 second time out feels like eternity for a toddler.  Also, to let him/her apologize with a ” sorry” and if he/she doesn’t talk yet, apologize with a gentle pat on their back.

In my case, When your kid’s the bitee

  • Wash the bite with soap and water right away, even if the skin’s not broken. If there’s even a little bleeding, apply antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage. Actual deep puncture wound? Call the doctor; she may prescribe an antibiotic.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of infection, such as redness or swelling at the bite site, or a fever.

Now lets hold thumbs for a good week.  Marilyn Monroe said ” Dogs never bite me. Just humans”…..She was so right.






The nursery makeover …. Before and AFTER!

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I love makeovers.  Beauty makeovers, those home improvement shows, Hannon on TV giving ladies new lip color and then my ultimate favorite, nursery makeovers. I am so confident in my decorating skills that I never thought I would need this makeover in my home!

I LIVE in my babies’ nursery. At 4 weeks darling Annie wakes up every 3 hours and not a minute less or more. I spend at least 30 min feeding and then another 20 min burping her. And sometimes 1 hour trying to burp…. That’s a lot of time in a room. So it better be a pretty one.

My makeover happened like this:

I left home for the day, and upon my return found my then walk in closet, that I sort of decorated as a nursery, turned into the most beautiful haven for my princess,

The angels at Kids Emporium,  launched a decor service recently, and decided to pay my house a visit with the permission of my darling husband and redecorated my baby’s entire room.

The nursery was a basic room, with a few bits handed down from my eldest daughter. There was no color scheme except for the few peach towels that I bought, and the curtains that would arrive the following week. Pull up your nose to some of these pictures of my “before”…

image1image3 image4


The designer, Lauren de Swart, and her team had the following in mind. Shades of peach, gold and white would be the primary colors. Now based on what I had, this look is easily achievable when you have a blank canvas to work with.


Here is how you could redo your own room, with some of the suppliers who contributed generously to create Annie’s “crib”


How beautiful. I tend to be predictable when it comes to decorating. Why not elephants? Try Wreak Havoc – White Ellie full plush toy range ; Daniella Huyser ( Facebook

With my firstborn, I used the wrong chair for breastfeeding and hurt my shoulder muscles badly. If I can give any advice, it would be to invest in a good chair for nursing. I bought one for the my eldest, and Comfy Mummy generously fitted us with this one, in striped canvas. There are 2 sizes available. Bigger is not always better, so choose the smaller version if you wish. Contact them here: Comfy Mummy – Nursing Chair – – Sarah Jeffreys Facebook

What about an interesting pillow to tell a story, or a talking point for visitors to your baby’s room. I love, love the arrow blanket draped on her Moses basked, and the bear cushion on the feeding chair. Thank you:  Little Love kids – Cotton peach arrow blanket, Love arrows garland ,Grizzly bear scatter cushion Facebook

I didn’t have a lot of wall space in the nursery and wasn’t really sure what to do with the      1.5 m blank space other that a big boring mirror or perhaps a stunning picture.  Well, out with the predictable, and in the the CUTE factor.  These letters on the wall, that cleverly spells, ” I love you” is from The Letter lady – ABC I love you- – Janine van Loggerenberg Facebook


I’ve learned that babies and toddlers love a good mess, while eating, playing, or just while living! This is my ultimate favorite supplier. Spill proof bibs, clothing and play mats. It’s a must try or the ultimate gift for the modern mom! Contact Step South – for Caboo Organic, DxGo, playmat, Ubbi bin, this is just some of their products. You can finally have a metallic bin that limits the smell of those healthy poos!  Thank you guys!! – Ubbi SA Facebook Close Parent SA Facebook 

Last year I bought the most amazing prints from Simply child, they also made the ladder shelf and crochet rug for the nursery. Delicate and beautiful for any room, especially for that of my little princess. Simply Child – ladder shelf, dot vinyl’s, crochet rug – Facebook



Affirmations and positive spoken words are everything! A little “Be Brave” plaque, to tell my little one that she is going to be the most amazing human ever! Thank you Kiki and Franki – http://WWW.KIKKIANDFRANKI.CO.ZA – Stacey ( Facebook

Ruby Melon is responsible for these cute Dingle dangles, the beautiful receiving cuddle blankets in the picture and the teddy soother that you attach to your baby or toddler’s dummy. When they are ready to part form their dummy, they get to keep their cuddle! – Ruby Melon Facebook
c5Also, a massive thanks to Parental instinct for the Muslins, baby growers and sleeping bag – Paddy Muldoon ( –

I always say; when people gift my children, it’s the biggest blessing I could ask for.

Thank you Lauren and the team at Kids Emporium for this amazing gift together with ALL of your friends. See you soon. There might be a baby number 3 soon. (Wink Wink)

Kids Emporium

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Love, EAB




Travel with Elana: Kramats – Cape Mazaars

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One would need to be greedy or ignorant to truly want to live forever. I Immediately want to start talking about leaving a legacy, living life to the fullest and purpose, when I think of life and death.

All of my thoughts around this were sparked when travel buddy Jan and I were out in Cape Town and stumbled upon Kramats or Cape Mazaars. Could one say, where the deceased lives is beautiful and mean it respectfully? Because what I saw blew my mind!

I’ve lived in CT all my live and have never visited a Kramat, until last week. With scarf in hand and modest attire, I was privileged enough to visit these holy shrines of Islam. Graves of Holy Men of the Muslim faith. Think of them as special houses that keeps the remains, stories and spirit of some of the greatest leaders that ever lived. tells of their existence in detail.

It all started with the Dutch invasion of places such as India and Java. Local communities resisted the tyranny but their leaders were banished to the Cape.

Citizens of Malay, Indian, Javanese, Bengalese and Arabian origins were also sold into slavery during this time, and these slaves and sultans started the first Muslim communities in the Cape. It was only during the British occupation that the first Mosque was permitted.

2017-01-25-PHOTO-00000043 2017-01-25-PHOTO-00000044 2017-01-25-PHOTO-00000045 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000057 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000060 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000065 2017-01-31-PHOTO-00000068

There are guides to Kramats available, and information on the Cape Mazaar society’s website:

This is what we discovered on our travels.  Watch this week’s #TravelWithElana


Guide to the Kramats of the Western Cape

Cape Mazaar Society – P O Box 443, Gatesville, Cape 7766, South Africa.

Ph:SA + (0)21) 699-0500. Fax: SA + (0)21) 699-0508.

Photographer and videographer Jan du Toit is behind the lens. Follow Jan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking here, here and here.

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Two kids under 2… #WIN a Kidz Brandz hamper! #TDIBrandz

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A few days ago, after the birth of my youngest, I realized the following;

a) I still look pregnant

b) I still look pregnant to other people …

c) I now have 2 kids under 2!

It’s become so real.  Motherhood is serious, but two under 2 is major!

We all know that everyone wants to give advice when you fall pregnant, or when your little one is sick,  or even when you need to introduce your toddler to their new sibling. Well, I want to give advice too…just because it’s free and also because you might not need it, but I DO!!! ( holds onto hair to pull it out)

I’ve heard that most toddlers misbehave before the new one arrives. I have been in denial thinking “how bad can it be….? ”  Out of the 100000 things I have experienced with my toddler, this stands out;

–  toddlers who “want it their way” –  learn to say “no” before yes!

–  want to hear the same song on that bloody cd in my car at least 10 times. Over and over.

–  want to hear the same song over and over and creates a title for it that I don’t understand like ” play boom boom” or ” play hooray”

– only says “please” when you say it.  So please say please.

– wants to potty train themselves and manage to get their nappy off, but only tells you about the poo after they’ve gone. That way you can scoop it up with roller towl and wash your hands ALL night long. We have mastered the pee, yea!

–  points at random men out of the shopping trolley and says ” oupa” thinking it means ” man”

–  says “chippiessssss” and goodness forbid if they don’t get it….

–  will try on shoes that are way too small for them and get frustrated that they have grown out of it!

–  will possibly be rough with the new baby, especially when they change her name to ” my baby”…. because the toddler thinks the baby is her doll.

– wants to be pushed around the house in a Babystyle Oyster Lite Twin! While I make racing car sounds.

Well, a few of my clients have knocked on my door to make my journey easier. A big thanks to Mark, Lisa and Trish from TDI Brandz. The hamper that we are giving away this week I received together with this Babystyle Oyster Lite Twin stroller. They are back in stock April/May this year!

Why I dig TDi Brandz?

They are my preferred supplier of feeding solutions. They have amazing storage options for babyfood and stage 1 feeding systems.
TDI Brandz also represents the following international brands in Africa (

Kids Embrace (US) Character Car Seats
ThermoBaby (France) Bath & Toilet Training products
Brother Max (UK) Feeding, Weaning & Safety products
Little Dutch (Netherlands) Soft & Wooden Toys
PUJ Baby (US/Canada) Bath products
Yoomi (UK) Self warming bottles
Buggy & Scooty Lights (UK) Safety lights for Prams & Scooters

Owners Mark Butlion and his sister Lisa have been successful entrepreneurs in South Africa for over 20 years and have developed long term relationships with wholesale, distribution and retail partners from the multiple chain store groups to independent retail stores. So let me help you out too 😉

We’re giving away a Kidz Brandz hamper worth R1000!



The hamper includes the following goodies from Thermo Baby, Little Dutch & Brother Max: Thermo Baby: 1 x Potty @ R135.00 + 1 x Footstool @ R279.00 Little Dutch: 1 x Little Dutch Cuddle Rabbit 19cm Mixed Stars @ R199.00 + 1 x Little Dutch Cuddle Rabbit Rattle @ R159.00 Brother Max: 1 x Blue/Green Plates @ R99.00 + 1 x Blue/Green Snackpot @ R129.00



To enter, use the widget below, and remember to subscribe to Chocolateface‘s newsletter here.

Win a Kidz Brandz Hamper!

Check out TDi Brandz’ website here.

Good luck. The juggle is real 😉




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